Get Ready with Me: Met Gala 2023

Get Ready with Me: Met Gala 2023

Thank you to the entire Jean Paul Gaultier team and to Haider Ackermann for creating the dress of my dreams for this year’s Met Gala.

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  1. arlis fernandez says:

    remember hearing about how huge of a diva kylie was as a teenager and unfortunately a lot of people still presume she’s the same way but hearing all of her crew hyping her tf up telling her how good she looks and her responding with “it’s you it’s you it’s you it’s all of us” shows how kind she’s become

    • Neonoir says:

      Yeah she is definetly a diva, I served her once in the restaurant I work and she wouldn’t even speak to me when I was takin the order, even when I brought her the cigarettes SHE ask for her bodyguards start jumping on me cause I was to close to her I guess I was like wtf, but she is not the only celebrity I’ve met acting like that even thought I would say that most of the time celebrities are really nice and casual.

    • Lisa Gockley says:

      You think she’s going to show that on camera?

    • N N says:

      I had a chance to work with her team and they are such kind, responsible and friendly people, and from my experience, celebrities usually hire people similar to them. Her team is one of the nicest one out there.

  2. Shona McKenzie says:

    Little Stormi is just so cute and well mannered. I miss their cooking vlogs

  3. Tsundoku says:

    Videos like these remind me how much effort really goes into “red carpet looks” the makeup, hair, lights, designers, sewing teams… appreciating them all

  4. Chloe Knight says:

    I hate how everyone doesn’t know the stories behind the outfits and call it trash then hear the meaning of why the person wore the dress then everyone’s like oh my god I love it!!! 💀💀

    • 𝓛𝓪𝔂𝓵𝓪 says:

      @Heather Harroff Karl designed the capes Andre wore. But I do get what you’re saying 🙂

    • Heather Harroff says:

      @kitsuexoxo I know what the theme is I know who Karl is. I still don’t think it’s on theme.. I never said the theme is black and white. I said she should’ve wore the black and white dress that she wore to the after party. It’s a description. I know what karl used to wear. I don’t think it looks like anything he used to wear.

    • 𝓛𝓪𝔂𝓵𝓪 says:

      @Heather Harroff and also at the Met gala, the carpet is designed by Karl sketches. Kylie was matching the colors of the carpet, pretty much matching Karl’s sketches 🙂

  5. KingKylie ♡ says:

    She looks so good in everything and this dress is perfect! Love you Kylie

  6. AfrikanQueen17 says:

    Physically cannot cope with how CUTE Stormi is!😩🥰❤️

  7. Marcela Dias says:

    I loved this dress, many said it was off topic but Karl said that red is able to cure depression, so the dress color reference is pretty obvious when you know that, I loved the tail of the dress turns into a coat, for me this is one of Kylie’s best looks❤️❤️💃🏻

    Ps:The after party dress is wonderful💙

  8. No name says:

    It shows how kylie is a good mom when she had the photoshoot and stormi was filming her and kylie said “you want to join “

  9. Audrey Daedal says:

    The ALT cape designed by Karl is a real hommage and different from others looks. you did great !

  10. Efran Karim says:

    Kylie looked gorgeous in that dress! It was literally perfect for the theme.

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