Getting Roasted In School

Getting Roasted In School

Getting Roasted In School

yo shoutout all the carls out there man we appreciate you 🗣️
(better you than us)

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  1. @swoozie says:

    PTSD my boy. Moms took me shopping for “Back to School” and those 8 shirts, 2 jeans and 12 pack socks had to last me from August until May. Roasting started the 3rd week of school.

  2. @Spldcnfbsisjdj111 says:

    3:42 Bob is such a chad for not punching Carl. Dude already knows he’s unroastable.

  3. @SheezyNG says:

    “My fit wasn’t the only thing that was outdated cause my phone looked like the first one ever created” bars 🔥 🔥 🗣️

  4. @SodaPoPLo13 says:

    He gained consciousness at 6 💀

  5. @N1LO420 says:

    Chains never disappoints what a goat

  6. @Eack_Jeptic2217 says:

    Imagine getting roasted so bad that you start going through an existential crisis at age 6! 😂

    I feel for you, Chains!
    I hope your Christmas Eve this year is much better than that though! 💖

  7. @OTC_Shunsuke says:

    Even tho Chains isn’t pregnant,he never fails to deliver

  8. @Niyaaz-sg2nb says:

    You know it’s a good month when chains double uploads

    • @Voidwalker988 says:


    • @zk_ab-1248 says:


    • @Mohammad-wc9qw says:


  9. @user-ww5gk1lk4u says:

    Chains,you never seem to dissapoint

  10. @uncharted6197 says:

    Keep ’em coming, Chains. We love you brotha!

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