Giant Gummy Fan Mail

Giant Gummy Fan Mail


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In this jmancurly second channel jmancurly reacts video, I open crazy fan mail candy and giant gummies in a fan mail unboxing!


I do not own any of the music, pictures, overlays/chroma key, external video clips, or sound effects used in this video. Unless I do, which I usually don’t.

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24 Responses

  1. 六川 ROKUKAWA says:

    Julian’s videos are always fire. This one will be too. 🔥

  2. Notakename says:

    You know it’s gonna be a great day when Jman posts.

  3. Meadow warren says:

    The way he said”hello haha this is a voicemail” got him so bad lol😂 keep up the good content❤🎉

  4. Joe Mama Studios says:

    I’m really happy you opened my package, it was the comic book one. I started freaking out when I saw it ❤

  5. Intense Mayonaise says:

    it feels like every video just gets better.
    i might send some fan mail
    keep up the good work julian!

  6. Lukertvr says:

    Jman is one of the best gtag and best reactions content creators no cap

  7. Andres says:

    You make the best unboxing videos ever and the people who send mail

  8. cheese liker says:

    It’s a good day when jman posts

  9. vaishnav devan says:

    this guy never fails to entertain us

  10. DinosaurJack says:

    I love how he actually takes time to appreciate the mail we send him. Fire video

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