Giants vs Eagles | 2023 Week 16 Highlights

Giants vs Eagles | 2023 Week 16 Highlights

After a tense battle, the Philadelphia Eagles got the WIN against the New York Giants, 33-25, at Lincoln Financial Field.

QB Jalen Hurts, RB Dandre Swift, and WR DeVonta Smith all found their way into the endzone and K Jake Elliott hit 3/3 field goals. LB Shaquille Leonard brought on the pressure and lead the team with the most tackles while CB Kelee Ringo caught the game-winning interception.

Watch all the highlights from the win, and don’t forget to like and subscribe for more Eagles videos! Our next game will take place Sunday, December 31, against the Arizona Cardinals on FOX at 1:00 PM ET.

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49 Responses

  1. @dannyblankenship8154 says:

    Swift 92 yards run him more he’s a beast and finds holes he will break 1,000 yards rushing this year.

  2. @albertsstuffnnn says:

    As an eagles fan I’m happy we won but we barely did. They really need to step up but still happy we won! 🦅 💚

  3. @42killac says:

    6:50-7:00 is the best run I’ve seen all year to see Swift Hurdle the defender make him miss then duck between two defenders and they tackle each other. That’s a highlight indeed

  4. @Katyeyoga says:

    Watching the two eagles players take each other out on Swift’s run deserves its own video

  5. @MrScary-eg3iu says:

    Good defense from the eagles today. The giants didn’t go away easy

  6. @dannyinguadala5696 says:

    Hats off to the Giants, they didn’t go down without a fight, that team looks different and they will be ready for next year. Giants and eagles make that division the NFC BEAST!

    • @vincente4570 says:

      You absolutely right. But the NFC EAST that I remember was the greatest triangle rivalry with three hall of fame coaches headlining their squads were the GIANTS-EAGLES-REDSKINS. So if those teams can fix their problems. Then I’m here for it boss🥳

    • @TheLT704 says:

      And don’t forget about dem cowboys

    • @Papagramz_ says:

      If tyrod taylor is starting qb giants will be str8

    • @EaglesFan869 says:

      Way better than the Cowboys and the Commanders do.

    • @mclohan says:

      ⁠​⁠@@TheLT704they are the spoiled sibling. There’s a reason Tom Landry/Jimmy Johnson and the Cowboys were left out.

      The ONLY division in the league where ALL TEAMS have won a Super Bowl now that Philly has won…

      Cowboys- 5
      Giants- 4
      Skins- 3
      Eagles- 1

  7. @Yohaney01 says:

    Wow that was way closer than I thought it’d be. Giants really came to play🤙 helluva game.

  8. @ItzBwo says:

    The Good:
    1) Hurts looked OKAY today, still bailing on the pocket too much causing holding penalties and near mistakes. But made some great plays today
    2) Shocker, ran the ball and Swift balled out. RUN THE BALL
    3) Dallas Goedert finally utilized a bit and it showed. 2 threats is good, 3 is great.

    The Bad:
    1) Brian Johnson still sucks something horrible.
    2) See above, the screen plays, consecutive screen plays no less, continue to be the worst thing in their damn play book. But the idiot refuses to move away from them.
    3) Our interior D linemen were literally non factors tonight sans Cox. Davis, Carter and Williams were actual no shows. That NEEDS to be fixed to help our edge guys get home. No sacks against this team is just sad

    Anyways, Go Birds!

    • @RainmakerXBooty says:

      i can refute some of these points the good – hurts looked GREAT, he bailed bc of the extra rushers the giants kept bringing and wouldve been flattened if he didnt bail as early as he did but overall valid point by you, #2 they have used swift a lot this season to mixed results, he balled out today no doubt but thats not always the case. #3 goedert continues to show me he isnt elite; that slip on the pick and then a crucial conversion play that hit him in the hand and he couldnt reel it in.. tremendous TE but not elite to me

      the bad, brian johnson called a good game, everything was cooking, #2 screen plays are how a lot of these guys have been getting involved but i do agree screens are overused in this scheme but we shouldnt abandon them wholesale.. i agree with point 3 except for a crucial play that carter made to bring down a runner (cant remember if it was saquon or one of the QBs) on 3rd down to force a punt when it looked like they had plenty of room to run for a 1st.. encouraging win to some degree but my main takeaways was how porous the back end can be when the d line doesnt get home… bradberry is COOKED

    • @thomashauer6804 says:

      important win but dude Sirianni needs to chill more in high pressure situations..i wasnt sure and just can speculate but this time it was more visible, he called weird timeouts in the redzone after an epic drive for 60+ Yards,
      everything clutch OK and then he breaks the drive..after the timeout the momentum was over , field goal

      he is a born coach and loves the eagles he is the perfect coach but this season he loses it on the sideline too often..idk but as headcoach you should be that stoic “sho gun general” that zen warrior that keeps it calm when the situation on the battlefield is hectic dont fuel the hectic chaos
      and maybe he tries to intervene too much bc of the whole coordinator question..i mean that timewout confused everybody after . i think the players too

    • @khalilharris5204 says:

      ​@@RainmakerXBootythe offense scored 33 points and put up almost 500 yards against a great defensive coordinator and these fans still say brian Johnson sucked smh. Its like they expect every play to gain 80 yards

    • @regalcartoon3952 says:

      @@RainmakerXBootyHurts has a pick 6. And he also looked awful. I swear the Eagles we’re having 3 3rds downs and at least one 4th down every damn drive. They struggled to pick up 10 yards in 3 plays multiple times on one goddamn drive! That shit is hilarious! 😂

    • @myrongaines6022 says:

      @@regalcartoon3952 Not a Hurts glazer but that pick 6 was 100% on Goedert. Pass was right to him and he slipped so it sailed over his head (which was a full 2 feet lower than it should’ve been) and to the defender.

  9. @eightyoneduce1976 says:

    Good to see Shaq Lenorard out there making a statement. The eagles are fun to watch

  10. @jayr6839 says:

    Congrats to Jalen Hurts for making NFL history! 15 rushing touchdowns, most by a QB in a single season 👏🙌🎉

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