Girlfriend Stories ANIMATED!

Girlfriend Stories ANIMATED!

Em, if you’re reading this, this counts as my valentine’s day present. I know I forgot so count this as it. Please

@Tubbo @GeorgeNotFound @jacksepticeye

– @Haminations
– @InfamousSwoosh
– @LumpyTouch
– @crumb.crumblet.S.crumbington
– @theodd1sout
– @ComplexlyRoss
– @AdamX_
– Checkers:
– @SADistfied

– grgikau

Thank you so much to EVERYONE involved in making this video come to life! Seeing this get put together over the past few months made me so happy lol… if you want more animated videos, please LIKE and show your FRIENDS and I might just make more :sunglasses:

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17 Responses

  1. MiraGrace Studios says:

    This was a work of art in EVERY SINGLE WAY. The animators and Tommy did a fantastic job, I giggled the whole time!

    Em, my heart goes out to you.

  2. sheena dictator says:

    The fact that he got so many animators just to animate these stories is just pure comedy

  3. Trooly says:

    I have not laughed this hard in a while, props to the animators for squeezing every bit of funny out of Tommy’s audio into their art form. It is *chef’s kiss* b e a u t i f u l.

  4. Glitched says:

    This was honestly so fun to watch, I love how many artist came together to show us how much of a bad boyfriend tommy is

  5. Moon Cake says:

    Tubbo aggressively trying to break into Tommy’s house is hysterical. Also, it is now my head canon that he sounds like an Animal Crossing character

  6. Tiara Hãmlin says:

    The amount of animators is foreshadowing the amount of chaos that is about to concur, and Jacksepticeye being in the video already proves that the chaos will be cranked up to over 9,000. Can’t wait to see the premiere, and until then I will wait until the time comes.

    Edit: Post-Premiere, I can absolutely confirm that the chaos was in fact cranked up to over 9,000, but that they were also shipping out huge amounts of minor amounts of tomfoolery; nothing much, just some “illegal” dating, pranking, and accidental stupidity; y’know, the usual for a video from the Big Man Tommyinnit himself, with the usual twist of some very POG animators helping him out. Overall, amazing premiere, thank you Tommy for throwing out this Hilarious Premiere, and thank you to Ham, Swoosh, Lumpy, Crumb, James, Ross, Adam, and Sadist for bringing out these hilarious stories into your own very unique styles of Animation, and thank you to Em for feeling comfortable enough to allow this Video to Premiere in the first place. Have an Amazing Day everyone, and I’ll see you in the next one.

    • Tiara Hãmlin says:

      @R D Lol, and yeah, the spam on here is just… yeah. It could definitely be a LOT worse though. God, imagine you’re Tommy and you’re looking at your viewers comments only to find about 15k bot comments, and then trying to sort those comments out to actually find your subscribers’ comments.

    • Tiara Hãmlin says:

      @Alex Flamez I sometimes unintentionally do that at the end of my comments, but I’m happy you enjoyed it anyway.

    • R D says:





      Also: Holy moly, the spam! =.=

    • Alex Flamez says:

      I can just imagine the outro music at the end of your comment and it’s epic 👍

    • Vuokko T says:

      You’ve spoken very true words right there!

  7. ItsMist says:

    Hopefully 1 day George finds out the truth. Btw the time and effort tommy puts into his vids for us is just insane and amazing.

  8. Vorbidden says:

    Jacksepticeye always takes that extra step you’re never prepared for and it cracks me up every time!

  9. Patterrz says:

    The pixel animated Brighton clip was S tier

  10. [Woofenstein Studios] says:

    I love how Tommy’s friends either ignore Em, say that the relationship might flop, full on interrogates Em or is convinced that Em and Tommy are siblings. Truly makes for a very funny video lol.

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