Global Pursuit | OFFICIAL MOVIE

Global Pursuit | OFFICIAL MOVIE

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35 Responses

  1. Kai Cenat says:

    I’m Glad To Say My Official First Short Film Inspired By Rush Hour Is Finally OUT, From Meeting A Kid From Asia To Hurrying And Filming This In 3 DAYS…I Love all Of You❤️STREAMS BACK TMM AT 8PM KAI X RAY!

  2. Kellan says:

    Cant believe a small interaction went to this. So proud of Kai and Ray for this!

  3. TailoredSoaps says:

    This short film was so fun, I love the chemistry between kai and ray. I would prolly watch a full length movie of these two honestly.

  4. RedPill Will says:

    Kai actually has a lot of potential to be a good actor. Ironically he was probably the best actor in this entire cast.

  5. Is'e says:

    It’s amazing how small people were used in videos by a lot of content creators for obvious reasons during 2014-2019 and now we have Kai here as top streamer not as an extra and releasing bangers like this

  6. m16 says:

    Ill be 100% honest, this short film was decent for a streamer like kai. I think the biggest issue for me was probably just sound. When hits landed I wish we heard more impact so the characters felt more interesting than what we have. I wouldn’t change anything in the script besides what i said, sound design. thank you kai either way.

  7. tye says:

    kai really a actor nd he so funny 😂,love to see him do new things and having his friends come along and one of his fans from out the country to be on this project props to kai 💯

  8. SlattisReal says:

    Kai really went from posting skits on Instagram to the big screen, gotta give him his props 👏🏾🔥

  9. Joshua Winton says:

    Yo man Kai did his thing in this short film, this was entertaining and kept my eye the attention the whole time. Ray was great as well and had a lot of funny moments. Honestly I enjoyed this and I hope other people do as well. . . . Hopefully we’ll see more of these in the future!

  10. João 🇧🇷 says:

    The quality of this film is actually very impressive, Kai and Ray are also both naturally funny asf. The movie was 🔥

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