Goku VS Superman (Dragon Ball VS DC Comics) | DEATH BATTLE!

Goku VS Superman (Dragon Ball VS DC Comics) | DEATH BATTLE!

East vs west? More like battle of the best! Who wins this legendary fight?
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“Winner” Superman art by EGAL_art | Edwin Galmon

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33 Responses

  1. @NegativeEdge64 says:

    MASSIVE PROPS to the character modelers, animators, and effects artists. I’ll be rewatching this fight forever because of how great it looks

  2. @alexcrick8010 says:

    This feels like a Win for both of them to me. Goku lost the fight but got exactly what he wants,someone he can train with to constantly push him to new heights. Superman gets to spar with a buddy with no repercussions because they can wish everything back, and he gets to let off some stress as he fully stops holding back.
    Such an amazing episode. One of my absolute favorites.
    Wonderful job Death Battle

    • @king_vision4085 says:

      This feels like a robbery. They had to make it a composite Superman vs composite goku so they can justify Superman winning. That’s why they referenced golden age feats

    • @majoraplays6159 says:

      @@king_vision4085 Not really composite Superman here. It is canon that all of them were merged into one Superman. You can’t blame DB for that. DC themselves made Superman that powerful. I prefer Goku, but I know there is NO way he at his peak can come anywhere close to Superman at his peak.

    • @mr.jhoan.9326 says:

      @@king_vision4085 Did you know that in the first confrontations they used all versions of Goku, turning him into a chimera? and yet it didn’t mean a problem for Superman.

    • @pcmasterracetechgod5660 says:

      It was their best superman vs goku video, but it’s still clear whether on purpose or just a lack of knowledge, they simply don’t involve Goku’s actual feats. Like seriously they spent ages going on about the crazy version of superman, but spent like 15 seconds talking about CC Goku and listed 2 feats….

    • @king_vision4085 says:

      @@majoraplays6159 they all weren’t merged into one. They all are different variations. With retcons and multiverses. DC confirmed that all variations are canon in their respective universe. Not that they’re all the same person. That’s word semantics. Just like Thomas Wayne and Bruce Wayne are both Batman and are both canon. But they aren’t the same person and are not capable of the same feats

  3. @Jungoguy says:

    I’m…actually happy with how this turned out. This debate may never truly end, but at the end of the day, so many people love and are inspired by Goku and Superman. And that’s enough for me.

    • @johnlawful2272 says:

      The punch that knocked out the world forger was inspired by the father son kameha and the saiyan saga by the old superman movies

    • @DamaniYamaica says:

      ​@@johnlawful2272Goku is a whole Superman ripoff.

    • @johnlawful2272 says:

      @@DamaniYamaica no Akira toriyama only took inspiration from the old movies for the saiyan saga. Goku is based off the monkey king

  4. @robinthrush9672 says:

    I’m not a Superman fan really, but he’s always kinda there in some distant corner of the brain and it was so heartwarming how you guys portrayed him and gave him a free pass to let go and unleash his full power. I think this is one of my favorite Death Battles now.

    • @Koppu1doragon says:

      This issues most Superman stories have now is a mix of making him way to powerful while focusing on some universe ending threat. Originally Superman was really strong but not cracking the planet levels, shot lasers from his eyes, and jumped really, really high yeah he couldn’t even fly originally. Some of the best stories for Superman is well the cardboard world and how he manages his life inside of it.

    • @johnlawful2272 says:

      You should read allstar superman

    • @johnlawful2272 says:

      ​@@Koppu1doragonsame with goku it’s was based on martial arts like when Jackie chun defeated goku due to reach both superman and goku evolved unfortunately some bad stories came with that from superman and dragon ball super

    • @robinthrush9672 says:

      @@Koppu1doragon Yeah, I got a reprint of the first issue (first Superman-specific thing I bought besides some stuff from when he was electric) and its so stark the difference from the cartoons.

  5. @xxSandt21xx says:

    After three fights, I just LOVE the relationship Goku and Superman have established with each other. So much respect 🥰

  6. @mustardmagee7342 says:

    I love that ending bit, it shows how much respect you and everyone else has for these characters! Best fight animation in the entire series by far and so so well researched. Great job as always!

  7. @Rollbrand370 says:

    I love this battle. No hatred, no danger, no bad blood. Goku and Superman were just fighting for fun. With a wholesome ending to boot. Great Job DB.

  8. @mrsparkle7280 says:

    This felt like the death battle finale. What an episode. Good job guys!

  9. @thehiddenhiro3682 says:

    This was the best DB ever! Props to everyone who worked on it from animation, music, and voice actors did a phenomenal job. The ending was so good that I want an ACTUAL crossover storyline for these two heroes!

  10. @CireK45 says:

    I love how in the first Goku vs Superman video, Superman was against fighting him until Goku basically left him no choice, now he’s actively participating and even looking forward to their fights. Damn it’s been a long time since the first fight.

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