I’m Going Back to Twitch

I’m Going Back to Twitch

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45 Responses

  1. @MogulMail says:


  2. @Mogswamp says:

    Yeah, having spoken to the live team like a dozen times over the past year- this is a good call. They just don’t really see value in developing live rn (other than vertical or mobile streaming)

  3. @Rembreiker_lychec9257 says:

    Honestly the craziest thing learnt about this video is audience loyalty. Seeing that Ludwig only lost about 2,000 viewers from the switch as a whole really shows how people are dedicated to see his craft

  4. @pencil_pusher says:

    Youre not a youtube streamer. Youre a dope content creater who uses the appropriate tools to do the job, and i respect that.

  5. @freeze6148 says:

    huge props to youtube for letting this happen tbh, I think if the positions were reversed it would be a lot harder for this to happen.

  6. @spookyghost7515 says:

    Ludwin would never be a double agent

  7. @noahferris8541 says:

    I know big viewership comes from a younger audience. But, I appreciate how your content had matured with your audience and has been able to remain a cornerstone in the content I consume

  8. @slippy346 says:

    So great to see Mogul Mail start streaming! No longer stuck in Ludwigs shadow

  9. @jedidefence says:

    I can’t believe Mogul mail is leaving YouTube. At least Ludwig is staying

  10. @kadenbigos6443 says:

    Crazy the amount of freedom you were able to negotiate with youtube

    • @ilikeblank says:

      i don’t think they are that worried about lose out on livestream right now but they might lose out to tik tok in the long run , so i don’t think they are that worried about him livestreaming his events on twitch.

    • @ryanrech107 says:

      @@ilikeblankyeah, they’re more worried about maintaining their position in the video market than taking twitchs spot in livestreaming.

    • @Dranka5 says:


      I was actually expecting this to be what he decided to do. However, I assumed he’d do it by just not signing a contract with either of them.

      It’s legit impressive he talked YouTube into allowing him to do this.

      Even though I’d prefer him to stay on YouTube exclusively. I just think YouTube is massively better from a viewers POV….e.g. I can rewind the stream while live, and they don’t run 8-12 ads, all at once, multiple times during a stream.

    • @mynameisrow6008 says:

      @Dranka5 that’s like the only good things about YouTube streaming, other than that, it’s dogshit, because YouTube wasn’t made for streaming, they don’t put any real effort into making it better, so it’s always going to be the same, can’t actually see who’s streaming, no notifications for streams, the ui is awful to look at, overall, it’s terrible compared to Twitch, even if the vods get instantly uploaded to the channel, even if you can rewind the current live stream, even if there are no ads, it’s just not good for streaming

    • @315peaks says:

      the perks of being rich

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