Goku’s TRUE POWER Goes Even Further Beyond! | DEATH BATTLE!

Goku’s TRUE POWER Goes Even Further Beyond! | DEATH BATTLE!

The Super Saiyan will break all limits in the next Death Battle!

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46 Responses

  1. Bryan Mandt says:

    It’s nice to hear references to the first battle’s script.
    Specifically “the only worthy teachers left were gods! and a talking cat- BUT MOSTLY GODS!”

  2. FagnerLSantos says:

    I expect Goku to lose again, but I expect that, this time, they scale him properly and make him give a good fight to Superman because Goku is actually capable of this.

    • Evan Daymon says:

      Then again this is death battle where they have a tendency to not research most battles properly.

      Yet i got to ask why do we need a third match? Just let it die and let the fandom fight each other so we can get other battles that people want to see.

      It will be entertaining but just feels forced to me.

    • Multiverse_Media🌟 says:

      @Evan Daymon
      Because every DC battle is forced.

    • Christopher Monteith says:

      It seems they are doing it to get it right this time

    • ApertureDragon says:

      I’m fully expecting Goku tom lose a 3rd time. if he does win I’m going to chalk this up to a pity win for Dragon Ball fans. As much as I am a fan and do want to see him win it will be a pity win in my book if Goku does win

    • Kangaroo27 says:

      No he isn’t 😭

  3. a-rod48 says:

    No matter what happens, I’m just here for the sick animation. If it’s anything like Megatron vs Frieza then we’re in for a treat.

  4. Jakazu v2 says:

    Trivia Fun fact. Both Goku and Superman named their first son after their father figure. Goku’s case Gohan is based off of his Grandpa Gohan and Clark based his son Jonathan Kent named from his father figure Jonathan Kent.

    • Fantasia Project [sobihiro] says:

      Another Fun Fact: Speaking of Superman, there was a character in another Akira Toriyama series called Dr. Slump created one inspired by Superman and Clark Kent but their names are romanji and they are the more sillier version than its American counterpart.

    • Corrupt Camerupt says:

      @Fantasia Project [sobihiro] supa man if I remember correctly, which means sour man since he eats a sour plum to use his “powers”

    • Mase Daace says:

      The only difference is that Clark is a better dad.

    • Fantasia Project [sobihiro] says:

      @Corrupt Camerupt Yup, that’s right! That is the one. Seems Toriyama looooves the American culture so much.😁

    • Corrupt Camerupt says:

      @Fantasia Project [sobihiro] he really does, he’s apparently a big sci fi fan and loves both aliens and Star Wars.

  5. Lowkeylie says:

    I expect Superman to still win for one big reason and it’s a narrative one.

    Narratively, Goku’s arc has always been “Can he become strong enough to beat this opponent?” Which historically, yes he can. But his is always an upward arc.

    Superman’s is never “Is Superman strong enough to win?” He’s so broken we know he can punch any bad guy into submission at his absolute peak. It’s “Can he save everyone?” I.e., what does he do and how does he handle it when you give him a problem he can’t just punch his way out of.

    Goku is always progressing to become stronger, where Superman is always strong enough for the situation he is in, it’s a matter of his capability and adaptability

    • tyebou says:

      Except all the times he loses contradict that narrative, Scaling goku and Superman’s narrative doesn’t make any sense because of how many interpretations you can have of them

      And also I’d say Superman’s narrative is more his humanity despite being an alien and goku more accepting his heritage and embracing it

    • striking Sarcophagus says:

      Yes, but this is Death Battle and it’s not about narratives. That’s why the logic of “Goku is trying to become stronger but Superman already IS stronger” falls flat because they never apply that logic to any other episodes but Goku VS Superman

    • Xenen Cross says:

      Superman’s actual greatest superpower is Plot Armor. Sure, Goku has it too but Supe’s stronger. 😂

    • Matt Newberry says:

      ​@Xenen CrossGoku dies all the time wym

    • DBZfan452 says:

      @striking Sarcophagus I think the point was more that Goku tends to lose fights because he gets outclassed and has to improve himself while Superman usually ends up in bad situations because he’s outplanned, taken down by plot-convient material, or not willing to step back and let people suffer the consequences. In a fight where the only thing that matters is killing the opponent, there’s not really anything stopping Supes from just, say, flying off into a blue sun and coming back fully healed and a hundred times stronger whenever Goku might have an edge.

      That might be where the whole “no limits” thing came from now that I think about it…

  6. PG3D gaming says:

    I feel bad Goku gonna lose 3 times but I can’t say too much because he could somehow win once

    • Dany Hatory says:

      Nope he will die for a third time 😂

    • Kanon111 says:

      judging by his powerlevel in the manga, he’s about to loose again. UI goku is great and all but if the comics is anything to go by, superman has that in base.

    • Mr. Dime-Stealer says:

      @Dany Hatoryfourth actually, don’t forget Gokai Black, or does that not remotely count ?

    • Lord Lui says:

      @Mr. Dime-Stealernot him so it doesn’t count, although Gogeta vs Vegito does apply

    • John Smith says:

      The last time they did this they said they weren’t going to do this fight again cause superman has no limits while goku always breaks his. So unless they found something new about goku then there’s really no point in doing this again which means…they found something new and goku should win

  7. Anonymouse says:

    I genuinely wonder if 3rd time’s a charm. I love both characters, but I thought the lesson of the second fight was that Superman didn’t have limits while Goku was always trying to overcome limits.

    • doshep hegex says:

      Ben stated multiple times that GvS2 is his least favorite episode for many reasons, one of them being the reasoning they had for the results (and how biased it felt both towards Goku being a “BETTER CHARACTER” than Superman and Superman being “unstoppable”)

    • Zabor 2000 says:

      Goku is losing again

    • KingdomKing13 says:

      As a constant DBZ detractor…. if I understand Ultra Instinct correctly, it’s now or never for Goku. A defensive form focused on dodging is the only thing that could give him a chance against Sups aside from a magical form. After all, you can’t survive a blow from a being who’s lifted the concept of infinity if he’s not holding back, but if you avoid the punch in the first place, it doesn’t matter if it’s a one shot.

      So it’s gonna come down to: Has Goku’s reaction time improved enough since Round 2 to keep up with Sups, and does he have enough juice to actually damage him? If all the talk of Goku being a universe buster is true, then I do think with REPEATED hits he could take down Sups, provided Ultra Instict keeps him alive long enough to do it.

    • doshep hegex says:

      @Zabor 2000 but maybe this time they’ll have better reasoning for it (and the fight will actually feel like Goku VS Superman compared to the second fight)

    • Warrior Kateo says:

      Do your own research. That has been debunked by DC multiple times.

  8. Vamilator says:

    “While Goku isn’t exactly book smart”.
    That’s a generous way to put that

  9. Aidan says:

    Honestly I would’ve loved a Sentry vs Superman Death Battle. Oh well can’t wait to see my favorite character bite it a third time.

    • SnowWolf2150 says:

      Imagine if it was Sentry vs Goku and they were to repeat the scene of Sentry getting beat up by Hulk, but this time Goku and Sentry would just be getting punched going “More… More… MORE….” with Goku then freaking out like “What the hell is wrong with you?”

  10. Symphony_in_152mm says:

    I already know how this fight is gonna go, based on the last two times they did this…

    but I’d be a dirty liar if I said I wasn’t still pretty hyped to see how much DeathBattle has improved since the last fights.

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