I can’t keep going like this.

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52 Responses

  1. Suzette Valenzuela says:

    oof that opening ” IT’S EMO TIME!” with my chemical romance… OOOf that’s tough chief!

  2. V01TR0N TRA5H says:

    Joel: “I’m taking a break-“
    All the Hamilton fans including myself: TAKE A BREAK

  3. i’mgonnafindyourfamily says:

    “This is the last video ill be posting”
    “ a while”

  4. • Mιɳ • says:

    He posts everyday, I’m not surprised.

  5. Emily Arnot says:

    Roomie: maybe 5 years
    Everyone: haha… please don’t…

  6. candela masare says:

    He says “I’ll miss you” like he is going for a really long time :'(

  7. ??? says:

    Title: Goodbye.
    me: Thinking hes quitting Youtube

  8. Aaron LemønEnby says:

    The title: *makes me cry*
    G-note: *makes me DIE*

  9. Elif Özçelik says:

    Me: I’m not emo anymore i’m over it, it was just a phase i’ve grown
    Me when i hear the g note: *runs to room grabs eyeliner wears mcr merch crawls up in a corner and starts crying*

  10. neltropico says:

    Joel, we’ll be here to keep supporting you when you get back. Guys, who’s with me? 🙋🏻‍♂️

  11. Khalifa said says:

    Pewds :aight Ima take a break

    Litterlly after pewds came back
    Joel :ok guys it’s been long, but I gotta recharge

    Jk lol but you better take a break
    As soon as possible or knees
    Are deaaaaad

  12. Rain 09 Channel says:

    Roomie: i take break
    Pewds for ten years of consistency: haha roomie goes bye bye

  13. BelarusianWeirdo says:

    “This lil break” RoOmIe, 5 DaYs A wEeK iS NOT a BrEaK… Don’t worry we won’t forget about you 😛

  14. Tuna Can says:

    When u get back u better do a belly button reveal. That’s all I’m gonna say.

  15. Plastik Toastbrot says:

    Me in spanish after 2 years: tU mAdRe eS uN pEqUeňA mArgAriTa!

    • Luciana Fernandez says:

      Dale a tu madre una rosa mejor xD
      Give your mother a rose is better xD
      Ok just kidding 😅

  16. Augoestin says:

    When he played that first note I knew it was black parade

  17. 「 oatmeal 」 says:

    CrankThatFrank and RoomieOfficial will be back soon

    • Toxic Cat says:

      I was sad when Frank said he needs a break… But now Roomie is going too. I hope they’ll get better.

    • Ari_Is_Bored 5 says:

      All of my favorite YouTubers are either quitting or taking a break and I’m so bored and sad now, but I want them to be okay so it’s fine 😂

  18. Orla Niamh Garvey Flattery says:

    Roomie: *posts again tomorrow*
    YouTube: wE wERe oN A bREaK

  19. Isabella Lewis says:

    I come in here with that title showing and there’s the beginning of Welcome to the Black Parade, and Gerard Way pictures floating onto the screen, my emo soul tells me that this break is gonna be a long one. But, it’s okay, you need to take your time. We’ll all be here with open virtual arms when you come back to give you virtual hugs. 🥺

  20. figgehn says:

    I know something that will be fun when u are back: Reacting to Russian / Eastern Europe music also…
    Ta hand om dig… vet hur det är, och då släpper jag ca 21 videos i veckan på olika kanaler, och mina är rätt mkt enklare än dina 😀
    Hoppas även jag kan få med dig på min kanal “Inga Konstigheter” när / om du är i Sverige / efter viruskaoset

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