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  1. isaacwhy says:

    I think I speak for the millions of people that you’ve made smile when I say, Thank you Anthony <3.
    We love you and wish you the best for your extremely bright future

  2. A N O N says:

    “Now it’s time to go live yours.” I sobbed when I saw this line, your channel has been a million fond memories that I’ve watched with friends from school and uni, and now as a second year myself, I’ve realised with a year left till graduation, it’s time to live out my own story with the people I love too. You’ve inspired me so much and lifted me through some tough times, and I’m so glad to have been there watching you. Thank you Anthony – I’ll remember you as I go and live out my life too!

    • Longtomax says:

      Whenever ill feel down ill always remember that its ok and that you can always get back and am so glad he tought me that

  3. Zehnpie says:

    Like a lot of other people here, I don’t think I can leave this video without leaving a comment. I just wanted to say thank you, Anthony you are one of the most geuine and real creators too be on this platform having hilarious funny videos too brighten our days but they come with a message to live life and too make the most out of the situation you are in to concentrate on the things that you are truly passionate about regardless what others think you have giving us so many life lessions that i’m going to take moving forward i started a youtube channel because that’s what i always wanted to do but i didn’t have the confidence in myself but after watching you and taking you advice to heart i decided to go for it thank you for everything i hope you can find happiness in whatever you decide to do next because you gave 1.65M people so much happiness over these past 4 years

  4. kestis says:

    I can’t wrap my head around the fact that it’s all over now. I knew that this day would eventually come but it still hurts to see you go. Goodbyes are never easy, especially this one. Thank you again, Anthony.

  5. aurie says:

    Goodbye Anthony. We all don’t want to say goodbye but with a heavy heart and a smile, goodbye. Hope that the new phase in life for you goes great. We love you!

  6. p3nnyroyalteaaa says:

    i have to admit that i cried throughout the course of this video.
    i’ve been watching you since i was in early middle school, and now, im almost done with high school.
    i’d be lying if i said that i didn’t grow up with this channel.
    i know im just a random stranger on the internet, but thank you. thank you for entertaining us and allowing us to be part of your college experience. it’s been an honor to have been part of the audience watching the anthpo cinematic universe, and to have been able to cry, laugh, and smile with you.
    i wish you the very best in the future, and potentially (only if you want to) wish to see you at some point again.
    we love you so much <3

  7. StarryBubble says:

    I’m honestly not ready to say goodbye, but these have been the best past 2 years. Thank you Anthony.

  8. Arjun P.S says:

    i am about to start my own college experience in a few months and i feel so emotional watching anthony grow and I learned so much from him. Thank you for truly being a role model

  9. Jonzi says:

    This is so bittersweet. I’m glad anthony got to experience what he truly wanted from youtube, and was able to document the highs, lows, and everything in between for our entertainment. This channel is a glimpse into the passion, creativity, and soul that anthony puts into each and every video, and I’m just glad to have been along for the ride. Thank you Anthony!

  10. Dazed Neptune says:

    Thank you Anthony. I was already past college when I found your channel. College unfortunately was the worst time of my life, and I’d never go back. But watching your videos was in some way a little healing. Your joy is infectious. We lived vicariously through your videos. Thank you for all the fun and laughter you’ve brought to us. All the best to you in your bright future ahead.

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