Schlatt Ruins Japan

Schlatt Ruins Japan

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Schlatt goes to Japan and buys stuff from vending machines. Crazy.

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46 Responses

  1. frying_pan34 says:

    I can’t believe Schlatt left the country for once.

  2. BlueBeast says:

    Show people around Japan and it’s culture: ❌
    Show people an alley lined with random vending machines: ✅

  3. Joshua Gorn says:

    Reminds me of the time Schlatt stuffed me inside a vending machine during the summer of ‘04. Happy memories!!

  4. SM says:

    Props to Schlatt for not breaking any of these vending machines like he broke his $1000 chair gifted to him by his father.

  5. Chanel Oberlin says:

    This is the calmest ive seen schlatt in a content that is outside of theweeklyslap, while still maintaining the same humor. Somewhat Relaxing and still just as entertaining.

  6. Tyler says:

    I love how Schlatt starts these channels for different reasons and just turns them into completely different content.

    • Tihamiun Alam Chowdhury says:

      I’m cool with it personally, it gets boring after a while of repeated content. I’m really enjoying these chill vlogs, hope he does more.

  7. Cold Bear says:

    I didn’t know “Schlatt” could still go to Japan after what he pulled in 99

  8. Jahaha says:

    So crazy how this fan channel was able to use ai to deepfake and generate his voice. Truly remarkable!

  9. The Holy Diver says:

    Schlatt is like jesus but instead of forgiving sins and spreading the word of god, he likes men

  10. NinjaMan47 says:

    I like to imagine he went to Japan specifically for discount tires and left after getting a good deal. All the vending machine were just a coincidence.

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