Guy rates his exes

Guy rates his exes

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37 Responses

  1. spooky firkser says:

    The absolutely huge diversity in the people this man has dated makes this even more wild.

    • Wat says:

      @Hagelslag Pablo did

    • Kurt Mena says:

      @Matt Styles I’ve dated some very pretty girls one of them came out in the movie the heights, another dated a professional soccer player for Los tigress after me, another is a main anchor girl in the Austin news. I was pretty popular in school and college cause I was a runner that was in top 5 of my city, and I’m the lead singer of a band that got signed at 19 to Universal Records. Blessed bro.

    • Matt Styles says:

      @Sophia D u do have a type. Might not be something as immediately noticeable like sex race height.

    • Matt Styles says:

      @Kurt Mena or u were just desperate enough to take ANYTHING u could get.

    • Matt Styles says:

      U mean staged.

  2. Sarah says:

    Telling him he was a walking red flag to his face is one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time

  3. jcp12 says:

    The fact that he somehow didn’t think to make a ranking in his head beforehand makes this all sooooo much worse

  4. Niki Mohajer says:

    I think the only reason his exes agreed to come was to roast Josh

  5. Luzie says:

    The fact that Sam wears a shirt that say “lets hug when its over” makes the crying thing 100x funnier

  6. Jasz says:

    This video turned from a quirky lineup into a group therapy session into an awkward roast

  7. Showtime123 says:

    when will our generation learn there are certain things that just don’t need to be broadcasted to millions of people and be on the internet forever…. this is definitely one

    • heather j says:

      never, people have no shame nowadays. embarrassment needs to make a comeback

    • River Snow says:

      Sorry mate… the responses to your comment make it pretty clear that they haven’t learned a bloody thing 😂

    • goth bimbo 🏳️‍🌈 says:

      @Showtime123 wow I wonder why I mainly responded to the last thing you said when it was literally an insult to me and my community. I don’t care if you’re bisexual. Obviously you have internalized homophobia if you literally stereotype me right off the Bat. I didn’t respond to the other shit you said because obviously my first comment wasn’t talking about the shaming of partners. It was talking about just the sex. Sex shouldnt be something to hide it should be celebrated and integrated in society

    • Showtime123 says:

      @goth bimbo 🏳️‍🌈 i’m literally bi but go off
      and you didn’t even address anything i said so it’s whatev i’m not responding anymore

  8. Fernanda says:

    if i was the guy in the green shirt i would simply never talk to josh again, my man was FOUL

  9. Allyson says:

    the way cody went like 2 minutes without talking because he was so uncomfortable 😂😭

  10. Emily Durkee says:

    The blond guy was definitely pleased with himself in hindsight that he gave Jake a 2 after Jake put him at the bottom

    • psychedelicconfusion says:

      @kal I think he thought josh liked HIM more. like he thought it was bad, but josh liked it at least. idk. Also he kind of looks like the youngest one there so he might just be a little clueless. Hard to say

    • J X B says:

      i feel like crying after sex doesnt even mean its bad it could mean it was really good lol

    • Alina Vaysfligel says:

      @kal i was so confused with him. was it good or was it bad??? i still don’t know. also, the topic was on how they were in bed, not about their relationship status and how many good or bad experiences they had and whether or not he valued the relationship and blah blah blah

    • Ali A. says:

      @kal before he moved up he was talking about the total amount of experiences so maybe it was like, other than the time that he cried it was good?

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