First groom in 10 years! Most INCREDIBLE transformation EVER! | King Shepherd

First groom in 10 years! Most INCREDIBLE transformation EVER! | King Shepherd

Clean-up video:

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30 Responses

  1. Lydia Tarine says:

    There is nothing like the focus of a well behaved herding dog. Truly. She was so attentive to you throughout this.

    • skzion2 says:

      I noticed the same thing. Focus.

    • Sandy Hughes says:

      She looks part bison

    • D G says:

      Ive had rottweillers for 38 years. A lot of people dont realise that rottweilers are cattle herding dogs. My current boy doesnt have cows to herd so instead he focuses like a lazer on tennis balls. He seems to think it is important to round yp every tennis ball he sees. He can get three in his mouth, although it always worries me when he does that. But if i have a tennis ball in my hand i can get him to do pretty much anything. His focus wont move and he’ll ignore everything, even other dogs. I always say to people who dont have a lot of experience with dogs, ‘find their prime motivator, and use that’

      Sometimes people compliment me because i can walk my rottweiller without a leash and he doesnt leave my side (unless i tell him to). What people dont realise is that its because i have a tennis ball in my pocket (i have a squeaky toy in the other but thats not his dominant motivator. It does get his attention though. But ball trumps squeaky toy every time).

    • SeamHead33 says:

      To be fair. King Shepherds had the German Shepherd “drive” and “edge” bred out of them. King Shepherds are not working dogs and were bred to be more relaxed and calm

    • Joanne Lawrence says:

      ​@SeamHead33Sounds amazing, TBH. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of them.

  2. I M says:

    My 13 years german shepherd just died after a stroke. It was painful and in the same time sweet to see this. She was a sweet giant full of love like this one.Hugs to Princess and you for this video! She seemed sooo happy when she was brushed at the end!

    • Delia says:

      Sending you some hugs ❤ Sorry for your loss. I know how you are feeling right now. 😢 We have a saying here; in English it would be something like
      “Don’t cry, because it is over.
      Smile, because it was wonderful.” ❤

    • I M says:

      @0not sure you understood my comment.. or if you read it in its entirety …but that’s ok.

    • I M says:

      @Deliathank you so much! ❤ this video just reminded me so much about her. I am watching this video again and again .

    • Care says:

      So sorry for your loss. It’s so hard, those goodbyes.

  3. Janell Baptista says:

    The trust she had in you. She knew you were their to help her. Your channel makes me so happy and is so therapeutic. I work in a doggy daycare and love seeing people who love dogs do right by them. You’re amazing.

  4. EvlJazzHands says:

    Smoochie put a smile on my face. She was so proud of herself when her owner showed up. They obviously loved each other. So glad she didn’t need a shave. 💜

  5. DipityS says:

    My goodness me, that was such a glam up – she looked beautiful! She was such a sweet pup, and was patient with you and allowed you to help her – and she obviously absolutely loves her mama 😊

  6. CatsALots says:

    Now you can see how beautiful she is. What gorgeous coloring. You blew 20 pounds of fur off. I’ve never seen such a blow out, sheets of fur, my goodness. Smoothie’s temperament was stellar.

  7. Emily Meldrum says:

    Princess Smoochie looks like a wise lady who lives in a cottage in the woods & helps you with your quest 💗

  8. Nasal says:

    This video was EXCELLENT! The furnado! The reveal! The hecking good girl! What a transformation, you did such a good job!

  9. Nebelung says:

    Very healthy farm dog, must have great owners! And you took less than 3 hours, and so well behaved. They can find a groomer after this video for sure ❤

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