HC Sean Payton speaks following loss to Dolphins

HC Sean Payton speaks following loss to Dolphins

Head Coach Sean Payton talks about how the Broncos will learn from their game against Miami and assesses the team’s direction.

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43 Responses

  1. Matt Pizzano says:

    Even when the Broncos were awful in the AFL days, this never happened. This is a low point in franchise history.

  2. VT92 says:

    As a Life long Broncos fan I’ve never seen a more embarrassing loss in NFL history. How does that happen like how?? I think this once proud franchise is not only dead in the water but has no soul.

  3. JayPriceman says:

    Losing by 50 points isn’t a “watch the tape” loss… it’s a “re-haul the entire coaching staff” loss

  4. Jimmy Conner says:

    Congratulations Sean! Couldn’t have happened to a better guy. What goes around comes around!🤣

  5. Sparky says:

    In my 40yrs as a Broncos fan I’ve never been so humiliated! This is what happens when you entrust a defense to a coach that YOU hired after being fired here for the same reasons!

    • Grant P says:

      The GM who put this Broncos team together, should be “fired.” They basically have no
      defence, and traded away good picks, who could have bolstered their defence, to get
      a hugely overpaid Russell Wilson, who is average at best as a Quarterback. The only good
      hire was Sean Payton, but right now he has little to work with.

    • Terps89 says:

      @Grant PRuss ain’t exactly balling out but he’s far from the reason why they got destroyed today smh

    • ChaosBeforeOrder says:

      ​@Terps89 I watched the highlights, Russell made some nice plays while trying to not hit stick after every snap…the O-line fell apart Damm near every play

    • B P says:

      @Terps89 true Russ didn’t give up 70 today

    • 32roho says:

      Coach put a target on his back by making comments about the former coach. Who is the worst coach in NFL now?

  6. Ben D says:

    As a 42 year old man that’s never played football, I finally feel like I have a chance to coach in the NFL 😁

  7. Will says:

    As a Saints fan I’ve been following the Broncos….this beating was unreal. 70 points given up ? 70 POINTS….

  8. sinistramusic says:

    I thought Coach Payton said Nathaniel Hackett did the worst coaching job in history; don’t remember anyone scoring 70 on the Broncos last season.

    • MS1 says:

      Agreed. Payton’s words on Hackett and his unnecessary grand display said more about him than it did about Hackett.Trying to talk big at someone else’s expense in order to build yourself up only made him look and be small. Which is how he looked again today.

    • PURE MAKAI™️ says:

      I still rather have Sean than Hackett

    • Go Hawks says:

      Yeah, weren’t most of your games within one score? You must have lost a lot of defense, because that was a strength you had last year. I must not have paid much attention, because I was surprised how much Sean was running at the mouth. Hopefully this slapped him enough to focus himself and the team✌️

    • Tyler P says:

      Rams scored like 60 lol

  9. King Platano says:

    Last year as a dolphin fan i watch Justin Fields set the most rushing yards by a qb. He had over 200 on the ground, Miami did get the W but it did hurt . I was feeling a little bad for Wilson seem like in the 4th quarter every drop back he was getting laid out . Good to see him get back up .

  10. Ritchard Ohnmacht says:

    🐬🆙 I’ve never been more proud or excited in my 34 years as a Dolphins fan in my entire life since the Ricky Williams days! Mad!!!!

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