HE’S BACK! CM Punk returns on AEW Collision! | 6/17/23, AEW Collision

HE’S BACK! CM Punk returns on AEW Collision! | 6/17/23, AEW Collision

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HE’S BACK! CM Punk returns on AEW Collision! | 6/17/23, AEW Collision

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48 Responses

  1. Shin Kisaragi says:

    The crowd, the color scheme, the commentary, the bell to bell action, this felt like a completely different wrestling company. AEW should definitely keep the two products separate

  2. Tim Sadowski says:

    Since 2001 CM Punk has made a lot of noise, starting on the Independent scene, his matches with Raven, his trilogy with Samoa Joe, fighting Chris Hero for 90 minutes, and the list goes on and on. He is so much more than what a casual fan might know.

    • Johnny Morningstar says:

      I still can’t believe the dude has wrestled Eddie Guerrero in the indies but not on the big stage. I would’ve love to see a heel Punk vs babyface Eddie

    • dan shotguns says:

      I’m so sick of this guy. I wish he would go home and never come back .. I used to like him when he first started in w c w version of ww e… I liked him then. It’s when his head started getting too big that I started kind of not being totally interested in what he was doing unless he was feuding with Chris. Jericho or somebody who could carry him and make him look good.

    • Tapan Gupta says:

      One of the greatest ever.

  3. Adam Beck says:

    What a debut show for collision! You’ll never beat a CM Punk return in Chicago 💥

  4. maturanita says:

    Been a wrestling fan since ‘82, huge David Von Erich fan, witnessed Hogan’s chase for the AWA title against Bockwinkel and here I am, pushing 50, and loving CM Punk. Got a feeling he is going to be able to make Collision feel like Old School wrestling in the 80s, just like Cody wanted Dynamite to be

    • Lou Sassole Sledgecock III says:

      Lol David Von Erich, that was almost before ‘82

    • Bigman Dogs says:

      You hit the nail on the head. I did notice that even the actual in ring action was noticeably different. Barely any modern indy style spots.

    • Faysal Mursal⚡️ says:

      But we didn’t get that because of Tony allowing the EVPs to do whatever they want😒

    • dpt says:

      Nobody belives you bro

    • maturanita says:

      @dpt what don’t you believe? I am not from America, that’s why I wasn’t restricted to the syndication deals of the territories. Beta and VHS tapes, that’s how I got into wrestling

  5. Nauman Afzal says:

    This Collision show gives me the feel of late 90’s to early 2000’s Raw..looks like an old school wrestling show which I’m really loving..❤

    • Christian Kelley says:

      It reminds me of Raw setwise but it also has the logos everywhere including the okd TNT logo that clearly are meant to hearken back to WCW in the early NWO era. So I feel it’s a good combo of both.

  6. Moondog Rex says:

    Its crazy that nobody in the business today can promo like Punk. He still got it and we all should just give him his flowers and appreciate how bless we are to have him back. Heel Punk is gonna be memorable

  7. Jonathan Oscategui says:

    Hopefully what people will take away from Collision is that its a new show designed to spread the roster out more, give TV time to other talents to shine and keep evolving the AEW product 🔥….

  8. edwardelric880 says:

    Love him or hate him, fans better appreciate Punk while he’s here. Whether this run ends on good terms or not, I have a feeling it will be his last.

    • Ahmed_9 🏳️‍🌈⃠ says:

      Where are all the haters now ? Everybody knew this place ain’t nothing without him.. I myself stopped watching after he left 9 months ago… like I said F**k Jericho and the Elite…

    • Josh Kaid says:

      ​@Ahmed_9 🏳️‍🌈⃠Here I am! 👋 it’s me! I’m haters!

    • Justin Kassinger says:

      So that’s like 6 more months right? Until he gets “sick” again? This guy is the biggest beta boy in wrestling history

    • dahveed zegringo says:

      ​@Justin Kassinger Says some rando in the youtube comment section. Tf ever lol

    • Katelyn Kaczkowski says:

      @Josh Kaidkick rocks

  9. TWT says:

    I missed punk so much. He knows how to cut a promo better than almost anyone. Tony didn’t have a choice but to bring him back.

    • Alt Eisen says:

      his promo was boring. If he wasn’t already the most popular active wrestler it wouldn’t have worked at all, so he basically got to walk in and be like, “yeah, I’m back” and the crowd laps it up. Then he barely wrestles in the main event lol. AEW is already full of more interesting people and DEFINITELY better wrestlers. CM Punk’s no-nonsense thing was great when everyone was getting bored with WWE’s bullshit, now he’s just riding the wave.

  10. Spielebrocken says:

    Everytime I am about to lose all hope in life, a CM Punk promo pulls me back into it.

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