We Dyno’d All of Our Cars

We Dyno’d All of Our Cars

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For once, all of our cars are actually running. Time to see how much power they all make.

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43 Responses

  1. GatlingArbalest says:

    Time to turn the Changli into a 1:1 power to weight ratio

  2. GamerGod91 says:

    for those wondering: 1500 Watts or 1.5 kW are around 2 hp. so James would have been the closest if the dyno had worked.

    • Jordan Whitehouse says:

      You loose horsepower through the wheels it’s the same as the spark varg it’s an electric dirt bike that has 80hp but did high 60s due to the loss in the wheel

    • Ace says:

      unless chinesium factory is lying and it’s closer to half of it

    • G.J. P. says:

      Becsuse its Murica, i think the results are all in whp, and not in bhp

    • Alex says:

      yeah rated hp and hp at the wheels are two different things.

    • Mike says:

      Dyno readings aren’t always perfect. Environmental factors matter as well as how the dyno is calculating the power. A well calibrated dyno can properly measure power from the wheels at the date and time the test was done, but that doesn’t tell us how much power the engine is actually making nor do we know if it’s doing any math to calculate bhp, whp, or hp or compensate for humidity, temp, air pressure.

  3. Kylie Gangwish says:

    Finally a game Jerry isn’t just crushing everyone else😂

  4. Rugras says:

    It’s always great seeing the whole donut crew together.

  5. Arnaldo Alegría says:

    Petition for a Junkyard challenge with the HiLow teams, each team has to pick a car and make it run and drive

  6. Russell Altizer says:

    Obviously it’s time for Donut to build their first 1000hp monster.

  7. Fishua says:

    Jerry… you’re a smart dude. If the goal is not to lose, go for a guess in the middle of the other guys so you can’t lose!

  8. Glawen says:

    Justin just harassing random people about tires is glorious, I would watch an entire video of that lol

  9. Artak091 says:

    “We could google it, but we wont!” The moat donut thing ever.

    Its more fun to dyno it.

  10. Upmanyu says:

    The true surprise of this video is that they got all those cars working

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