Hercules VS Sun Wukong | DEATH BATTLE!

Hercules VS Sun Wukong | DEATH BATTLE!

Heracles fights the Monkey King!
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29 Responses

  1. Scouthedog1 Animations says:

    This is definitely one of my favourite recent death battles. Looking at their original myths written centuries ago was such a great idea. I’m a big mythology fan so it was awesome to see although myths brought back into this versus setting. And the animation was Stella as well I love the ink effects and the fact they were literally fighting on a scroll. Really an excellent episode

    • llama Salas says:


    • Ujjwal Pandey says:

      More GOD VS GOD battle.

    • RegularAnimations XD says:

      A comment from the legendary Scoutthedog?! Holy crap I am honored lol

    • sup says:

      I would just like to point out that Sun Wukong is NOTA MYTHOLOGICAL CHARACTER. He is just a fictional character from the Journey to the West. He’s, like, the Percy Jackson of Chinese mythos.

    • Unworthy says:

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  2. Aflay says:

    Can we talk about how Hercules is basically Greek Mythology MegaMan?

    He was incredibly strong, fought many creatures like him, took their powers, and fought against his makers.

    Okay, it’s a stretch, granted, but the parallels are there, somewhat. It’s interesting. MegaMan, Mega-ra? Now I’m just being stupid, but still. He used his enemies as weapons and junk.

    • Leet 1337 says:

      In the Archie Comics adaptation of Mega Man 2, he absorbed corrupted personality data from the Robot Masters he defeated. He slowly became more and more cocky and aggressive until he finally snapped and turned evil… a lot like Hera throwing Heracles into a blind rage to make him kill his family.

  3. BoredIIDeath says:

    There really needs to be more death battles based on myths and legends. I’m bored of nothing but comic book and video game characters, let’s pit some REAL icons of power together!

  4. TerminatorGundam300 says:

    If this fight between mythologies became its own series, I’d imagine one of the things the Monkey King would do is lift Mount Olympus and just walk around without a care, much to the annoyance of the Olympians. Like having your trailer hijacked while you’re still in the trailer

  5. Magi ChaoStuff says:

    Between his problem with the Hydra, the Cerberus and the stories about good ol’ Hecantocheires, Hercules’ reaction to Wukong’s multiple heads certainly got a good chuckle out of me.

  6. JaxBlade says:

    Spoilers but The fact that Monkey King has Over 9000+ levels of Immortality in a “Death Battle” had me wondering how this would reasonably go
    & I’m not surprised lmaooo

    • SinHurr says:

      What 9000?!

    • Ptolémée Sélénion says:


    • Geeks,Toys'n,Gamen says:

      @Ian Lanford ah ok, cause that’s not really in Greek Mythology. Honestly the only 2 Gods/Titans to die was the Sky and Pan. Rest of mythology is still alive. Pan just died idk how. Sky was the only one to actually be killed by Kronos.

    • Ian Lanford says:

      its layers of immortality. for example in sun verse, someone can be immortal but if his time come (written in book of death in hell) you can still be dead. in the story suns soul dragged into hell. he broke lose then rip books contains his name and his monkeys army.

    • Geeks,Toys'n,Gamen says:

      @Joseph Moore I mean true but isn’t the point of being Immortal is well being immortal? So even though he’s 7 immortal that’s still just immortal but did other things to make sure. Also Greek Gods can be cur up and just put themselves back together

  7. Philip Tran says:

    Don’t forget the celestial wine also granted some immortality too, the furnace also burned away his remaining mortality too. It was clear from the start who would win but still one of my favorite battles so far featuring one of my favorite gods in folklore

    • jon dw says:

      from what I understand, he also gained a form of immortality during his training where he learned his shape-shifting

    • SinHurr says:

      Someone forgot to switch the furnace to “immortality” and burned off his remaining “mortality.” What a mench. Couldn’t catch a bad break if he tried.

  8. StrickPlayer says:

    This is hands down my favorite death battle of all time. Unlike the others where it’s franchise vs franchise, this one is mythology vs mythology. That alone made this battle so unique. I hope we get more DB like this cause this one was just fresh!

  9. Ben C. Delacruz says:

    Love everything about this episode! The narration’s epic, Sun Wukong is absolutely hilarious to watch and is just having a good time, and the animation was just so clean. Would love to see more myth DBs, but for now, I can’t wait to see Star War’s top bounty hunter fight one of the greatest slashers of them all (yes, Predator counts as a slasher, the victims are just more macho than usual).

  10. Ryan Wright says:

    Death Battle keeps surprising me. I never thought they would do a Death Battle with mythical figures. I’ve always been a fan of mythology though. I like how the battle was set up with the scroll showing the battle and someone narrating it.

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