Hermitcraft 9: Episode 2 – WEIRD GIANT FARM

Hermitcraft 9: Episode 2 – WEIRD GIANT FARM

In this episode of Hermitcraft Season 9, Mumbo builds his first Industrial Minecraft farm on the Hermitcraft server. Hermitcraft 9 episode 1 got us started with some beginner resources, but now it is time to move from the Minecraft starter base and into a Hermitcraft industrial district. We also start a small Hermitcraft prank war with Grian, do some trading with Docm77 and get the best Armor in Minecraft.

My Minecraft servers are provided by Nodecraft! Following this link gives you 30% off: https://nodecraft.com/r/mumbo

Filming channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ThatMumboJumbo2
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37 Responses

  1. Animagician says:

    the swamp conversation was a funny throwback to that prank in season 4 – i think that was on false as well xD

  2. WolfyTheWitch says:

    The trees make it look like a secluded thicket with an overgrown vault :0

  3. ClutchCps says:

    Grian: **plants an entire forest**

    Mumbo: “Yeah, I’ll add a few moss blocks to his build-“

  4. Vex says:

    I hope he only has the one vault, but takes recourse to improve it, so at the end we see it has like a entire slime-block elevator vault system to bedrock.

  5. Chico Pls says:

    Mumbo gave up on building complicated farms, and just built a giant grill in a swamp.

  6. thePlinko says:

    You know, at this point you might as well just build a generic mob farm that just happens to be in a swamp.

    I mean, if you can’t stop other mobs from spawning than you might at well get drops from them too.

    • Herbert Fischer says:

      i think it‘s a good idea to seperate them by the movement of the slimes and the unmovement of the mobs. But then killing all slimes just creates free space (in therms of mob cab) for other mobs to spawn.

      I think either killing all mobs or create a system that cycles the player around so that all mobs despawn and only the slimes are getting killed in between would improve the farm

    • EternallWatchesTooManyVids says:

      Yeah lmao

  7. ZeroNought says:

    Hey Mumbo, you can cut out the general mob spawning by lighting up with redstone torches. Slimes will spawn at light level 7 and below in swamps, they do not need light level 0. You can also encase the whole thing in solid blocks or tinted glass and they will still spawn during the day. Combine with an iron golem for attracting them to a magma platform as per usual.

  8. Spud58 says:

    12:45 Could set up a row of dispensers with water buckets on a timer to push everything to the magma blocks every so often to clear the mobs and allow more slimes

  9. MEME Users says:

    Tip: Whenever you’re mining the iron from mountains you should turn it into raw blocks of iron to conserve inventory space

  10. Geekygrl 10 says:

    The fact that the video is exactly 20:00 long gives me an inordinate amount of joy and satisfaction.

    • ENEKO ANDONEGI says:

      @iconic tuba He usually does an outro, here he hasn’t

    • iconic tuba says:

      @Loan Quillet Yes. I rewatched the ending and it was indeed cut of, but he also didn’t say “the video is over” or something like that in the first episode.

      Edit: But I’m sure that this time it wasn’t intentional

    • Loan Quillet says:

      @iconic tuba No ? He always says that the video is over beforehand, he wouldn’t just cut off the video like that, especially while he was still talking.

    • iconic tuba says:

      @Loan Quillet He always makes an abrupt end of his videos.

    • Loan Quillet says:

      Until you realise it is because the video was cut off

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