Can Chess, with Hexagons?

Can Chess, with Hexagons?

Get your Hex here!

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17 Responses

  1. Alex Hu says:

    As a square chess lover, thank you for explaining this in classic easy-to-understand Grey style. Now I have to learn how to play!

    • Myst BS says:

      more like find a way to play holy crap i can’t find anyone else anywhere on the internet to play it 😔

  2. aravisthetarkheena says:

    I’m not smart enough for regular chess, but I do love hexagons, so I bought Hive and just call it “bug chess” 🤣 maybe one day I can aspire to real hexagonal chess

  3. gizmo19351 says:

    Can’t the white king at 10:35 just capture the black queen? She’s not protected by the bishop

    • CGP Grey says:

      My brain was clearly too melted by that point — I got my hex diagonals confused. CURSE YOU DIAGONALS!

    • gizmo19351 says:

      @CGP Grey Happens to the best of us Grey 😢

    • Harvey Rabbit says:

      The Black Bishop couldn’t take a square next to it. And White’s Bishop could have killed the black queen even if the White King couldn’t.
      Edit: Capitalization for easy of reading.

    • Jcoogs says:

      I absolutely love that chess nerds will always tell you when you did something wrong, even in a game you’ve never seen before 2 minutes after the video drops

  4. rocbolt says:

    Grey signed hexagons is the most on brand brand thing ever 🐝

  5. OnlyFraenz says:

    Hexagon is chessagon!

  6. VTMarik says:

    Ooo, this would make for an amazing Battle Chess game on PC

  7. WebBowser says:

    “Can Chess, with Hexagons?” is such a wonderfully minimalistic video title. I love it.

  8. Kapten-N says:

    The king is limited in movement because communications will collapse if he moves around too much. He leads the battle, after all, and every unit has to look to him for commands and sending status reports.

  9. Tuấn Anh says:

    I wonder can Xiangqi (Chinese chess) be hexagonized, as the pieces are played on the intersections of the board lines instead of within the squares?

    • charredUtensil says:

      If you play on the intersections, you don’t have any clear straight lines to follow. Not impossible, but you need to work around that.

      Playing the intersections on a board tiled with _equilateral triangles_, however, would be functionally equivalent to the hex board shown in this video (and also vice versa). Math is interesting!

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