He’s In The VENTS?! – FNAF VR 2 Like Mexican

He’s In The VENTS?! – FNAF VR 2 Like Mexican

Five Night’s at Freddy’s Help Wanted 2 Part 2

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35 Responses

  1. @Alaveditz_ says:

    I feel like if they make a second fnaf movie, Eddie should definitely have a cameo 😂😂

  2. @noobishanimations1809 says:

    Should we let Eddie know about the hidden lore in this game? NAAAAAHHHHH!! He can figure it out 👍✨

  3. @Nighthawk-YT says:

    I love how eddie stands there proud after beating multiple kids in the face lol😂

  4. @Boiley says:

    Great to see Eddie is still doing a lot of VR horror 😀

  5. @Eyes_The_Furry says:

    it’s always best to get home from school and watch Eddie play fnaf vr

  6. @superwallyvinny2007 says:

    Every time Eddie says the intro, it always brings a smile to my face

  7. @raid3nw1ns says:

    eddie is just pumping these videos out

  8. @vamprier says:

    ive been having a shitty day, but eddie made me laugh 🙂

  9. @aperson6116 says:

    We ALL needed this series back

  10. @DUCK-WITH-COFFEE says:

    I love the occasional outbursts of Spanish when he gets stressed 😂

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