My viewers sent me AWFUL Christmas Gifts

My viewers sent me AWFUL Christmas Gifts

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happy holidays everyone! the po box is back open… but what did you guys send this time lol. i gave everyone a week notice in my discord for this and huge shoutout to anyone who sent in a gift in time.

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po box info:
Crispy Concords
PO BOX # 28069
Austin, TX 78731

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Snapchat: CrispyConcords

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34 Responses

  1. @criticallycanadian says:

    Crispy you have to go to their wedding and make a video about it. It’s the content we all need.

  2. @doog9431 says:

    Crispy is easly one of the hardest working content creators. Thank you so much for keeping me entertained all these years

  3. @JenZ1309 says:

    Crispy never fails to regret asking for Christmas presents

  4. @RowanStole says:

    who else here just loves crispy’s laugh 💀

  5. @dontdevourthecookie says:

    such loyal fans you have crispy! not even my parents would buy me 1% of the amount of gifts you got! Merry Christmas!

  6. @Frontierr says:

    crispy…crispy…crispy, it’s been a year of me watching you, my first time shared with you was last Christmas gift opening, i’ve gotta say, you helped me a lot, i was in a deep depression and i watched your videos and i smiled, i want to thank you for that, i’ll always be here, even if you drop to 1 view, it’ll be me, here for 2024 ❤

  7. @thatfriendlydoggo4862 says:

    Crispy never fails to fill me up to the point where I almost burst 😊

  8. @highapollo says:

    crispy somehow manages to constantly pump me full with entertainment 🤗

  9. @mack8743 says:

    Merry Christmas crispy you are one of my favorite YouTubers and I hope you get to 4 million soon

  10. @Commander_Kam says:

    Crispy never fails to fill me up with his fun and make me explode everywhere with joy

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