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  1. @michaelfallen1564 says:

    Diarrhea Doug needs to be publicly available so we can all use him to answer our spam emails, nothing quite says “fuck you” like accusing the sender of being an imposter, then screaming and explaining that you just shit yourself

    • @assfuckerthejointpounder5834 says:

      Just make your own ai, with similar AI software if not the same AI software used to create the things in the video. Give it the traits of unhinged, madly in love with the person they are talking to, thinks the person they are talking to is an imposter, heavily references Among Us and Fall Guys, has extreme diarrhea – but with simultaneously spiky and large and hard stools. If all goes well, it should be I love contradiction, with heavy referencing to Among Us and Fall Guys – all whilst it appears to be typing out exactly when it defecates – presumably either while typing on the toilet or in their pants on some office chair.

    • @Gamemaster64 says:


    • @davidturner1595 says:

      why use an a.i? why not just do it yourself?

    • @jackhazardous4008 says:

      @davidturner1595  because they might think the AI suffers from dementia, and is easy to manipulate and then keep calling back to waste time

    • @anto_fire8534 says:

      You can probably grab Doug’s code from the VOD. At least all the traits are in the VOD. I think this was just the OpenAI api or something though.

  2. @melon5394 says:

    Imagine sending a heartfelt message to doug only for him to talk about shitting for the entire email.

  3. @cara_melly says:

    “Your objections have been duly noted and promptly ignored” is such a hard line that I can’t believe it came from an ai who shits himself

  4. @Ash-dp1uy says:

    Doug Doug is really one of the only few people using AI for content CORRECTLY.

    He’s not letting ai make content for him, he’s using AI FOR his content.

    • @ed_cmntonly says:

      This is way far better, never I’d thought fucking Douglas saying “I replicated the big bang in my pants” in a real sentence

    • @ryanclemons1 says:

      Never had a issue with people using AI to make content as long as it’s clear it was made with AI.
      Some people do but not me fun to see it improve better and better. The thought of AI overlords is a little scary, But then I remember for all i know they will be better rulers then the ones we have now for all I know.

    • @rainbowspongebob says:


  5. @cobalttj6356 says:

    I nearly shit *myself* at how funny the response Diarrhea Doug gave to Temu was, it was so perfect and if anyone deserved that email it was them.

  6. @fatyoshi9993 says:

    My sides hurt from laughing at the Penguin Doug letting out a demonic screech mid-interview

    This needs to be a series

  7. @calebwashere says:

    I love Diarrhea Doug’s dedication to pretending to be Doppel-Doug, only for him to just admit to gaslighting the chat the second he was hired

  8. @astrophysician8215 says:

    holy shit. i haven’t laughed this hard at a video in a long time. i think having the AI respond to other people instead of only bantering with you brings something really fresh to it

  9. @riverscuomo7140 says:

    I love the idea that Temu sees Diarrhea Doug”s horrific gibberish response and is like “hell yeah”

  10. @mayafrags says:

    i’ve legitimately never laughed this hard at anything, actual tears in my eyes over diarrhea doug’s temu email

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