House of the Dragon | Official Trailer | HBO Max

House of the Dragon | Official Trailer | HBO Max

All the dragons roar as one. The #HouseoftheDragon trailer has arrived. House of the Dragon premieres August 21 on HBO Max.

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43 Responses

  1. PlayerOne2013 says:

    I like how they made Caraxes actually look violent and bloodthirsty. It does seem like they are going to give the dragons different personality’s too!

  2. edgar sanchez says:

    If this show is anything like the books. Then its going to be truly epic.

    • Ravenclaw 327% says:

      The book this story was based on was written from the point of view of biased maesters. George wrote the book & pointed that out even in GOT books – winning & biased side decides what will be written as history. He’s also involved in this show & approves of showrunners’ & writers’ work, said he’s seen 9/10 episodes & is happy with them. So because in Fire & Blood the history of this event was written by maesters who have been plotting Targ’s downfall for a while, in this show we’ll get to see what actually happened during this period.

    • Adriel says:

      If its anything like the books yet corlys and many other characters are now magically DiVeRsE. Blackwashed show, its already nothing like the books.

    • SirPanic12 says:

      We know it wont be lol

    • FACTS FEED says:

      But still the book series of game of thrones.
      Was literally the best work from rr Martin.

  3. Sean O. says:

    I remember in GOT them talking about the great dragons of old.. now we’ll actually get to see them. I am beyond excited for this show!

  4. Melvin Meju says:

    It looks incredible, that’s undeniable. We will have to see if it has the brilliant plot, dialogue, character motivations and character arcs which made Seasons 1-4 of GOT some of the best TV ever

    • Geno X says:

      Only 1 black person- hard pass

    • tacky design says:

      @Cameron not really

    • ben1ben2ben1 says:

      @Cameron No, they were not. They were running out of book material, so they tried to recreate GRRMs gritty style in season 5. They failed, so in season 6 they completely changed what type of show it was. Season 6 is when the show went from a gritty political fantasy show where actions have consequences, to a generic good vs evil fantasy were the heros are rewarded for their mistakes because they are “brave”. Season 6 is crap and pandered to the stupid portion of the audience

    • Revolver Snake says:

      @Cameron they were fine considering what came after.

    • Cameron says:

      season 5 and 6 were good too

  5. Hakuna Matata says:

    Been following Olivia Cooke for awhile. Can’t wait to see her showcase her acting capabilities. This is the perfect role for her to do it.

  6. David Balastegui Almada says:

    I’m very happy that Ramin Djawadi is working on the music. It was one of the most epic things of GoT.

    • Bruce Wayne says:

      @BlazingOwnager never heard before, what is that? If u don’t mind im asking

    • Quincy Scott says:

      His work is always so consistently great. Light of the Seven is easily one of my favorite pieces of music ever. I’ll never forget those few moments of hearing piano in GoT for the first time and immediately thinking, “oh, um, something important is happening.”

    • DaveDexterMusic says:

      I always felt like the music got the least attention and budget, given the production value of the show as a whole. A lot of samples when recording it all for real would have been a bare drop in the coffers.

    • Je suis Parte says:

      Ramin is a god. His Westworld and GoT soundtracks are among my all time favourite

    • thebeatts says:

      Yeah, I didn’t even look it up but hearing the music in the promotional content so far I was positive he must be behind it. What a maestro…we’re truly blessed.

  7. PrincessNeekee says:

    I love that the dragons looks individual from each other, unlike in GoT where they exactly look the same just with different colors.
    Here in HoTD each dragons has its own facial features and facial structures and different body structures, u can really identify one from another.
    Also they redesigned the dragons to be more biologically plausible. They extended the wings to go down to the base of the tail, cos in reality the legs and tail will droop downwards if theres no membrane there to catch air and lift the legs and tail.
    In GoT the dragon wings only went down the dragon’s waist, which is biologically wrong cos the rear part of the dragon will droop down when it flies real life per se.
    I love that detail.
    Also the flying animations improved, very bat-like wing flapping cosnthats how membrane wings actually move in real life.

    • Evin07 says:

      tHeSe nExT gEn gRaPhIcZ aRe aMaZiNg!!!

    • Bruce Wayne says:

      And they look really real 😳. I got scare when i zoom at the dragon shot in the end. The skin and especially that nose looks sticky like real reptile. The attention to detail is crazyyy

    • Khal Decky says:

      In reality?? 😂😂😂

    • Christian Sherlock says:

      Actually, wings all down the sides to the tail is less biologically likely, because the lift from wings comes more from their shape than their size. Long fins down the sides would create huge amounts of drag and almost no lift, and therefore be a hindrance.

    • FACTS FEED says:

      Well. I don’t care about it.
      Only thing i care is that it should be like first 6 seasons of got.

  8. Anthony D says:

    Finally, a bit of fuel to push me through my work weeks… Fond memories of many times so excited for new GoT.. I’ll never forget how pumped I was for Battle of the Bastards… I literally had jitters all day as if it was the Super Bowl and my favorite team is playing and “they gotta win or I’ll die” feeling .. never has a tv show provoked so much emotion out of me… I don’t cry or get emotional watching shows but I’m not one bit ashamed to admit that when Jon Snow was killed by the Nights Watch , I remember casually walking to the bathroom with a frog in my throat and once alone let out a big old bbaaahhooowwww Nnohooohooohooooo whyyhhhooohoooohoo face ina shower towel 😂

    • ben1ben2ben1 says:

      Battle of the Bastards is literally everything that was wrong with the show post season 4. Spectacle over story, heros’ being reward for their stupidity because they are brave, good vs evil instead of the GRRM shades of grey style, rushing threw plot to advance the story etc.. GOTs went way down hill when GRRM stopped producing and they ran out of books. HOTD has GRRM back working with them, so expect a more gritty political fantasy like seasons 1-4 and not the generic crap we got in seasons 6-8

  9. Alex Palpatine says:

    So excited for this series! Looks awesome and has the golden feel of game of thrones.
    It is made with good intentions and care, no wonder it looks the way it does.
    Hopefully I can connect to the character more so than the book and actually hear them talk a bit more.

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