How I stole an Entire Mountain

How I stole an Entire Mountain

There is a HUGE rivalry on this server and to prank em, I kinda stole their base xD.

Where I get my music:
-Epidemic sound- referal link ⬆

LifeSteal Discord:
Echocraft Discord:

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38 Responses

  1. aavelas says:

    Rek, I’ve been subbed to you since before you had 100k, and you’ve come a long way. I’m so happy for you. Your editing is amazing, and you really include your viewers. So, I’m rooting for you to beat Parrot to 1 million. You deserve it.

  2. WingMan says:

    Can we all appreciate how hard branzy tried to hide his identity

  3. Eclyptumspyro_98 says:

    “Can you measure gumption?”. “Yeah, with a ruler”

  4. Jakob Naundorf says:

    Tip for the next time you use litematica: litematica has a feature to build layer by layer, which is way easier

  5. talk2mearth says:

    “Quick guys, branzy needs help”
    A few moment later
    “No one know the spy”

  6. Branzy says:

    Man, that double agent seems like a really cool guy.

  7. PurpleMatter says:

    rekrap is like the MrBeast of the Minecraft Community. He’s the king of editing and genius video ideas. 1 million subs will only be the beginning <3

  8. Beppo says:

    REK this is next level! Absolutely insane

  9. rekrap2 says:

    Subscribe if you know who Kevin is XD

  10. Dash says:

    This was such a well made video, rekrap is so underrated

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