How Many Trampolines Stop A 540mph Bowling Ball? (feat. @theslowmoguys)

How Many Trampolines Stop A 540mph Bowling Ball? (feat. @theslowmoguys)

Watch @theslowmoguys video:

A HUGE thanks to Craig Beals from @BealsScience and Shaun for hosting us and building the insane bowling ball jeep cannon. More videos with it coming soon!

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33 Responses

  1. The Slow Mo Guys says:

    Cheers for having us on, lads. 🇬🇧❤🇦🇺 Absolutely legendary day of filming.

  2. SaylorTwift says:

    It’s almost scary how well the personalities and vibes of HR and the SlowMo guys fit together. They genuinely came off like old friends.

  3. Denz says:

    The chemistry between these 3 groups is brilliant. Make a whole series.

  4. Maddy Dever says:

    “He’s my Rexy”. A touching moment when you realize how much Dan puts himself on the line in the name of science and good content.

  5. Feelincrispy says:

    Dan and Gav are probably the only YouTubers I’ve seen that have normal chemistry with other YouTubers they’ve just met. Normally the chemistry is really awkward and weird in YouTube collabs but those two just seem to gel with whoever they collab with and make it normal. I guess they have a lot of practice at it

  6. MrRJLitt says:

    These two channels are made for each other. Hope to see more collabs in the future

  7. Dude Built says:

    *The Collab that we all knew we needed, but not how MUCH we needed it!*

  8. Matthew Morse says:

    Great collab guys. Chemistry between everyone was top tier for a first shoot together, loved it.

  9. West Coast Wheelman says:

    The chemistry and comedy among you guys is off the charts, this needs to be a once or twice a year regular colab! Awesome to shout out some smaller channels too!

  10. Rennis Tora says:

    The thought of Dan being the Rexy of SMG, and seeing Scott chatting with Gav behind cover was both something I did not expect, yet greatly appreciated.

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