How The Immune System ACTUALLY Works – IMMUNE

How The Immune System ACTUALLY Works – IMMUNE

To preorder IMMUNE click here: – Its available in English and German and on amazon it should be available in pretty much all countries too.

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The human immune system is the most complex biological system we know, after the human brain, and yet, most of us never learn how it works. Or what it is. Your immune System consists of hundreds of tiny and two large organs, it has its own transport network spread throughout your body. Every day it makes hundreds of billions of fresh cells.

It is not some sort of abstract entity. Your immune system is YOU. Your biology protecting you from the billions of microorganisms that want to consume you and from your own perverted cells that turn into cancer. It’s so manifold that it is impossible to cover in one video, so we’ll make a series looking at different aspects of it.

Today, what happens when your body is invaded and your first lines of defenses are engaged in a fight for life and death?

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30 Responses

  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell says:

    To preorder IMMUNE click here: – Its available in English and German and on amazon it should be available in pretty much all countries too.
    Ohai! I’m Philipp, the founder and head writer of Kurzgesagt and author of IMMUNE! Let me say a few words about it: IMMUNE is older than Kurzgesagt and I began working on it about a decade ago in university. The idea was to explore a super important but also extremely misunderstood and complicated topic and “translate” it into a language everybody could understand. I’ve done my best to basically write a super long Kurzgesagt video but with less of the limitations of a ten minute video.
    IMMUNE is a fascinating and fun journey through your own body, together we’ll be exploring mystery organs, murder universities, your enemies from viruses, bacteria and cancer (and how your immune system might have killed a cancer cell while you were reading the last few sentences) and the incredibly beautiful and amazing parts, cells and systems that keep you alive. After reading it you should not only gain a new appreciation for your own body but also experience disease differently. A flu or something more serious will not be this abstract thing but something you can sort of witness and imagine which mechanisms are active and which cells are doing what. At least personally, knowing how the immune system works always has given me great comfort when I felt unwell. Also 45 illustrated pages by the Kurzgesagt team make the book very pretty.
    Preorders are incredibly important in the world of books so if you are considering getting it, it would mean a lot if you could do that. Because preorders determine if a publisher will try to get the book into bookstores, so a lot of the book’s success depends on it.
    I’m incredibly grateful that so many of you have watched these videos in the last few years. And I hope you will give my first book a chance too. – Philipp

  2. Mr Saxman says:

    As someone who studied this in university, it is fantastic to see the wonderful world of microbiology and immunology be portrayed in a format that everyone can enjoy! In fact, your videos played a big part in me taking this as my career path, and I greatly thank you for it because I absolutely love my field. Your videos are astounding and inspire so many people. I’m looking forward to that book :).

    • Ushiki says:

      @Sebastian Fletcher-Taylor exposed lol

    • Billybob 69 says:

      @イカの嵐 (Storm Squid) yup

    • Sam I am says:

      As someone who studied Microbiology and Virology at university. I wish videos like this were around in the noughties.

      I never really followed all the complicated text books, illustrations and stuff. I might have gotten more than a 2.2!!!

    • JnAti0n says:

      @Billybob 69 to be fair if they did that this video would probably be an hour long. And that would take forever to make

    • OverKill says:

      Honestly I don’t even like biology but this guy makes it so much more interesting. Even though I still wouldn’t want to take it as a career lol

  3. Petar Nenkov says:

    “They even continue killing after they die”
    So like a little sibling in a game of pretend.

  4. Soham Biswas says:

    After completing my bachelors and masters , both in microbiology, I can’t be more overjoyed to see the Immune system being animated and described in such a beautiful way. I’ve only read it in text in the university for the past 5 years but have never got the chance to visualize its mechanism of action in this beautiful way. Idk why I felt like I was going to tear up by seeing such a beautiful piece of video. Thanks Kurzgesagt for making such an amazing video.

    • untergehermuc says:

      I mean, every European grew up with „Once Upon a Time… Life“. They did a fantastical job in visualising all these things.

  5. Gouthama Kumar says:

    I won’t lie, I’m tearing up a little, seeing a subject I spent so much time studying in school explained in such a concise and visually stunning way

    • Romella Karmey says:

      If things like this were taught visually appealing with colors in any school, most students would get an A+ some people only learn visually and that is me. I hate boring words and texts…

    • Crocodile Guy says:

      I know right. The government should sponsor this channel to make like a dozen videos to be shown to people in school for different topics. It’s very entertaining and the visuals are excellent.

    • Lone Wolf says:

      If you like this, you should watch cells at work. A Japanese anime that portrays well cells at work.

  6. Mohammed al Obaidi says:

    IDK why but this made me emotional. this needs to be a full-fledged movie of war it will blow up.

  7. Liam Nixon says:

    I love everything about this video: cells talking, cells feeding special chemicals (or drugs) to exhausted cells, making them go on a killing spree against invaders, using their nucleus as an eye, the superhighighways that go throughout the body, and just basically everything else. We’re extremely lucky that the guys at Kurzgesagt exist. Keep it up!!
    PD: por favor cambien el narrador Español, ya que su voz no me gusta; siempre suena alegre aunque su voz sea profunda, y me recuerda a narradores de anuncios de gobiernos, y en algunos casos su voz no es apto para la situación. Esta es solo mi opinión, ten en cuenta eso.

  8. Andy says:

    I’m an immunology student at university, I have always found it difficult to explain my field to friends and family outside of my study. This video is just beautiful, and I would love to follow this series! 😍😍

  9. Alex Shi says:

    “Perverted cells that turn into cancer”
    Ah, yes

  10. Zam says:

    Fun Fact: The macrophage invigorated by the helper T-cell is literally called an “Angry Macrophage”

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