How To Complete ALL SUPERMAN QUESTS In Fortnite! (Superman Fortnite Challenges)

How To Complete ALL SUPERMAN QUESTS In Fortnite! (Superman Fortnite Challenges)

I show you how to complete all the new superman quests in Fortnite. As the new Superman Quests have been introduced, so here is how to do the Superman challenges in Fortnite!


Fortnite Superman Quests Guide
Superman Quests Guide in Fortnite
Superman Challenges Guide
Unlock Superman all Styles
Superman Challenges Guide
Superman Styles Fortnite

Superman Challenge Guide/How To Do Superman Quests in Fortnite:

– Unlock Call To Action Emoticon
– Unlock Call To Action Emoticon.
– Unlock Superman Shield Spray
– Unlock Clark Kent Outfit
– Glide Through Rings as Clark Kent (5) – Unlock Daily Plant Back Bling
– Use a Phone Booth as Clark Kent (1) – Unlock Secret Identity Built in Emote, Superman Style and Supermans Cape (Backbling)
– Unlock Superman Banner
– Unlock last Son of Krypton Loading Screen
– Unlock Solitude Striker Pickaxe
– Unlock All Shadow Styles for Clark Kent (Shadow Superman)

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33 Responses

  1. Theo Wright says:

    “Claim your before 1 hour ticket here”

  2. Rising FX says:

    This video took quite a while to make, if you could *Like* this video and *Subscribe* that would help me grow!

  3. DisGuy 340 says:

    NPC’s aren’t spawning but I still got Superman because I went to some phone booths and superman, beastboy and batman have quest and if you do them it completes your superman challenge. There is no certain booth, you have to get lucky. Hope this helps!

  4. Missy H says:

    The npcs are not spawning, sick getting killed and not finding them!

  5. IdeasW75 says:

    You say lets jump straight to the video but you talk almost a minute of hype the superman skin was.

  6. Gama Kichi says:

    There not spawning I went to Superman’s spawn location and he was nowhere to be found

  7. Tasty Gaming says:

    Been too all 3 locations and no one is there. I really wish Fortnite did their quest better than rn. It’s always either glitched or so badly explained it’s nearly impossible to complete.

  8. smorlax says:

    It’s fixed now! They have spawned so you don’t have to do payphones

  9. Bacon says:

    You actually have to talk to a phone booth and then talk to beast boy or Superman or Batman and then you can complete their question have superman i’ve already seen people with superman!

  10. Sushi Loli says:

    I wonder if I’ll actually get a gift I’ve done all the steps

    Epic: SaltyChips or Salty Chips

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