We adopted 100 pets and opened a free pet store. On top of that, we turned our home into a dream dog house, dream cat house and dream puppy house. Like this video if you like cats, Subscribe if you like dogs.

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Kat Hixson @kat_hixson

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32 Responses

  1. Stokes Twins says:

    LIKE this video for Team Cats 👍
    SUBSCRIBE for Team Dogs ❤️

  2. Lorvens says:

    The Stokes twins never fails to entertain us 😀

  3. HamsterPlayzRoblox says:

    love it that you helped all these animals i wish i could do the same love it saving all these animals

  4. 「Random_Cockroach」 says:

    I love how the stokes twins do so much for these animals!

  5. Savannah says:

    I,m so happy you guys did this for all those animals This was so wholesome and sooo cute!❤

  6. Fluffeh_Axel says:

    The fact that they opened a free pet store for 100 animals to get a home and owner is just amazingly kind

  7. ThatOne_Russian_Frogg says:

    I love that they did this, it makes me so happy to see someone adopt a friend that they will love and spend time with rather than having them put down.

  8. Sonja Groenewald says:

    All these cats and dogs were so cute i`m very happy they all got adopted and will have good homes!

  9. 💖 JOIN WITH ME NOW 👇 says:

    Can we all just appreciate how amazing she is and hard working to make these amazing videos for us?!

  10. Mia Wasylk says:

    Rescuing those pets from the animal shelter before they got put down is a really good idea I’m glad that you guys help those pets 🥹🥹🥹❤❤


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