You’re not ready for this one

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30 Responses

  1. SmallCat says:

    the fact that this man jumped from fousey to mayweather is crazy im proud man

  2. John Timothy says:

    The amount of experience Deji is going to get from this fight…even the preparation leading up to it, is going to make him a MONSTER for the next person he fights after Mayweather. This match isn’t about W-L, this about Deji having that opportunity that many other Youtubers (Jake) is dying to have, and the lessons he learns from it. Can’t wait to see what evolves into after this match. I’m rooting for you Deji.

  3. Dyna Go To My ChanneI LiVE NOW says:

    stepping in the ring with one of the baddest and most technical fighters of all time should be applauded. floydd… you have my respect

  4. Bxrry says:

    “do the impossible and you’ll never doubt yourself again”

  5. TimeBucks says:

    This is so inspiring!

  6. The CNSR says:

    You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so take the opportunity to spin his jaw like nobody else has 😂

    • voke says:

      @godblesstox been a fan of floyd and been watching, studying his game for so long. He clearly wasn’t trying that fight and wont try in this fight too

    • BrianM23 says:

      Yea if he tries to be funny with Floyd he will get exposed fast .. ⏩⏩

    • godblesstox says:

      @Room are you Mayweather that you’re talking everything from his POV?

    • Room says:

      @The CNSR he touched the gloves of a 45 year old mad 😃 most of logan punches was blocked and slipped, Mayweather made him look stupid, and also mayweather doesn’t take exhibitions serious he plays around, he doesn’t use philly shell either, when mayweather doesn’t use philly u know he ain’t gonna be serious

    • Room says:

      Ain’t gonna happen, he’s gonna look stupid

  7. Krabby says:

    Deji is the definition to not give up no matter what the circumstances are. Looking forward to see what’s your next stepping stone!

  8. junior vargas says:

    deji is easily one of the biggest W’s of this year, he’s shown heart and perseverance through super tough times. not many people have the heart this man does, props to you deji, eat him up.

  9. Barry says:

    Go easy on him and teach him a few pointers i hear this guy is really new to boxing

  10. Md says:

    I’ve doubted you when you were gonna fight fousey, but you’ve proved me wrong. I am proud of you. You have all my respect, no matter what happens with mayweather. It takes immense balls and determination to keep fighting after losing 3 fights, and then to win and prove most people wrong. And you’ve outdone yourself now fighting mayweather. I wish you the best

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