I Bought A Lamborghini Countach!

I Bought A Lamborghini Countach!


I bought a Lamborghini Countach! The coolest car EVER! I tell you all about the Countach and my thought process on buying a car that is extremely un-Doug.


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00:00 CARS & BIDS!!!
00:13 THIS… is MY Countach!
00:42 Why did I buy a Countach?
04:18 Insanity Above All Else
05:16 Appreciation
06:51 YouTube Colleagues and the Countach @TheStradman @TheSmokingTire @harrysgarage @HooviesGarage @TheHamiltonCollection
08:48 Isn’t it unreliable?
15:09 My Countach Details
17:37 The Wing
18:45 5000 vs 500
19:33 Round Belly
20:24 It’s Been Driven
22:38 Driving Experience
27:33 Final Thoughts

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27 Responses

  1. Hoovies Garage says:

    Almost 3 years with mine, and it’s always worked? I’m just as surprised as everybody else…

  2. Blarg says:

    Nothing is better than seeing a genuine car guy enjoying their car and sharing it with the world! So happy for you Doug, you’re building one hell of a collection!

    • NALTO says:

      Oh, hey Matt. Nice to see you here!

    • Bob Hill says:

      Very well said, I was thinking the same thing.

    • Asian Dragon says:

      Your one of the last people I expected to see here lol

    • Pure Nudidity says:

      Seriously. I drew this car so darn often when I was younger, lol. Very happy for Doug in this one! It really shows that the best car doesn’t always have to be the most expensive. I can’t wait to own another cheap and dirty 99-04 Mustang GT. Nothing too fancy, but man do I love driving them. It just feels so good to me! Maybe someday.

    • FOXROKT says:

      Well said. His appreciation for cars is so contagious!!

  3. Max Reimann says:

    What I love about Doug compared to other car YouTubers is that every car he buys seems very well thought out and purposeful. Also, Doug is a great storyteller. I just hope we get the ItalDesign Columbus review eventually.

    • Doug DeMuro says:

      I hope I OWN IT someday!!! 🙂

    • J K says:

      ​@Doug DeMurohey Doug…congrats on all of your vehicle purchases. Its nice to see a car guy get car guy cars and actually use them as intended and fun ways people may have never thought of. I love your content. Keep up the excellent work. I will keep enjoying your vour content

  4. PaulChoix says:

    The joy you show during the driving is contageous, I couldn’t stop smiling with you! Congrats on the purchase Doug!

  5. Erick Khan says:

    Carrera GT and Countach gotta be the coolest garage duo of all time

  6. Steven Bennett says:

    If there’s ever been a video that captures the essence of not giving up on your dreams and ambitions, this is it. Doug’s reaction to driving the Countach should be framed and hung in a gallery of art as it’s priceless to see the fruits of your labor in working hard to achieve your goals. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a visceral reaction to someone else’s reaction to reaching their pinnacle. Congrats Doug! This is truly inspiring to anyone that working hard will eventually get you to where you want to be.

  7. Terrence T says:

    Doug what a special moment your sharing with us. This car is currently on my sons wall and I’m 50. We love the cool factor of this car!! Thank you for all you do.

  8. billakos_san says:

    Well done for your incredible journey, getting another of your dreamcars must feel incredible. Being in a good financial level may not bring happines but the feeling of getting what you fought for in your life and what you actually deserve must be so fullfiling cant wait for my turn!

  9. Melvin Lloyd says:

    Congratulations on your incredible purchase! 🎉 As a devout viewer, I’ve witnessed how your car collection grow and emerge over the years—from normal used cars to German fast wagons and now to highly coveted supercars that are hard to attain. It’s truly incredible and you have been one of my keystones on how I’m going to build my own dream garage.

    With that recent wave of purchases you have, I guess it’s a high time for us to see a garage update noting the present status of each vehicles in one of your future Sunday videos. Cheers! 🥂

  10. Stephen McFarlane says:

    I’m super happy for you Doug… all your hard work has paid off. Congratulations. ❤

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