I Built a Calculator in Survival Minecraft

I Built a Calculator in Survival Minecraft

I pulled an all-nighter to finish editing this. it’s 9am

Thanks to @mattbatwings and @FeinbergMC for the help

Where I get my music:
-Epidemic Sound- https://www.epidemicsound.com/referral/hdky6e/
-Artlist- https://artlist.io/Parker-2274364

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30 Responses

  1. mattbatwings says:

    This is such an amazing video. It was an absolute pleasure to help! Making a calculator in ~2 weeks is no easy feat, and the final result looks amazing! Proud of you bro!

  2. James Donohue says:

    All the leaf scaffolding looks super cool. even though it’s wasn’t on purpose, they look like really cool vines snaking around the machine. Awesome job on the calculator Rekrap! A lesser man (such as myself) would have given up and chucked his computer out the window!

  3. Dahlia says:

    For the question of what videos to make for more frequency, I’ll be honest most of the Minecraft creators I know that upload super regularly do SMP videos. For other ideas, maybe there’s fun interesting stuff you could do with classic challenge maps (things like skygrid or falling falling) but updated to new versions for new objectives? That could be a good fit for your channel.

    • paigowthedog says:

      You could do collabs w/ other YouTubers, challenge videos for example parkour or something, or maybe building videos if that is fun 4 u

  4. JJQuasar says:

    Great job Parker, now you just need to add the square roots, exponents and much much more! Great video, subbed!

  5. Whynot690 says:

    Man I wish I had this level of commitment.

  6. Trappist Gaming - 2 says:

    you know it’s gonna be a good day when rek uploads

  7. yallikejazz says:

    This guy is the definition of “never ever give up even if it takes 71 years.”

  8. Fifi says:

    The reason why it’s called a ‘bug’ when there’s a problem in a computer was actually because a moth flew in a computer (the ones that are the size of a room) and got smashed stoping something working. So the people who made it had so send someone in to crawl in the computer to figure out what happened.

  9. Wes says:

    you can tell how much effort he puts into his videos and i can tell you just love making content like this

  10. Deederdum says:

    Hey Rek! Awesome video, love the dedication. Regarding 20:29, an idea for a video could be to put out a channel community post and do some fan made challenges and record yourself doing them. It’s a simple concept but I feel could make a fun video, and shouldn’t take months to make

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