I Bought LOST MAIL packages from TEMU! What better way to find out if Temu is worth purchasing from or not, than checking out what people have already ordered!! (not spons)

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(They don’t usually sell curated boxes of a specific brand like this, but they have lots of fun mystery lost package boxes!)

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32 Responses

  1. Ms. Johnson says:

    I am so overwhelmed by all the packages behind you, I can’t imagine having all those in your home. It is literally Christmas

  2. becca says:

    Imagine having your package lost and then watching Hope open it on camera and try to analyze the type of person you are based on the items you bought 😂 Suddenly I’m okay with my packages getting lost 😂 (she hasn’t opened any of my lost packages yet but that would be cool!)

  3. zara nedd says:

    I love the fact that she is so genuine compared too other influencers

  4. Carolyn Cuesta says:

    “The new wish” is perfectly put. I’m in so many bridal groups and everyone swears by this website but everything I’ve ordered has been paper thin and smelly lol

  5. Hi • says:

    We need to appreciate how much she entertains better than other influencers

  6. Vixis says:

    This is BY FAR the BEST Temu video I’ve seen! I love that you just quickly went through all the packages and didn’t talk for 5 minutes about every item. I loved your honesty about the fabric. A lot of it is crappy like that. Love these random packages!

  7. Eve Dny says:

    Before ordering from Temu, please, always remember that such low prices imply that the people making these products are probably severely underpaid and working in poor conditions. Temu is just as bad as Wish, Aliexpress, or Shein; it’s promoting overconsumption by selling you cheaply made products that you don’t actually need and that will probably end up in a landfill!

    I completely understand buying from those websites if it’s all that you can afford, but influencers doing weekly $500 hauls is just unacceptable. Not Hope though, because she bought all these unclaimed packages that were going to end up in landfills if no one had bought them anyways, and I just know that she’s going to give the ones she doesn’t need to people who do.

    Please try to only buy things that you actually need, the planet and your wallet will thank you:)

    • Iso says:

      Perfectly put ❤

    • Chloe Elizabeth says:

      That could also go for Primark (whatever the Us equivalent is) or any store that sell cheap stuff. Also people wouldn’t buy it if they didn’t need it.

      Also not saying I disagree but they aren’t the only bad places. Again take Primark for exmaple or the pound stores

    • Chloe Elizabeth says:

      I forgot to mention that all companies send stuff to landfill. There’s expensive brand who purposely destroy stuff so people can’t go dumpster diving 😅

    • Sin and Tonic says:

      @chloeelizabeth2174 There are a lot of sustainable brands out there, my favorite shoes are from a company called “nothing new” and are made of recycled bottles.

    • cindy person says:

      Yes perfectly put.

  8. Jill Doll says:

    The “hair straightener ” is knock off of “VOLOOM” a root lifter 😂 You use it under the top layer of your hair at the roots for “Volume” This is like watching a Christmas gift opening video 😂 I LOVE IT!!

  9. Me You says:

    The amount of packages that Hope gets hold of is amazing
    She works so hard for us 💖

    • endorphin chen says:

      No the poor people in the factory work hard for us

    • Erica Osborne says:

      I really enjoy watching her videos but I will never understand people who say things like this. Is it because you desperately want likes on your comment? (Another thing I will never understand, btw. It’s not like they do anything for you). You can’t really believe that she “works so hard for us”, can you? You are aware she gets paid very well for this, right?

    • Sniffle says:

      ​@Erica Osbornei believe that people actually do try hard for their viewers, however some do get paid, not all wish to. And they have to earn money to entertain us, correct?

    • devon1n says:

      @Sniffle Its perhaps a little silly, because there are tons of people in essential work who work much harder that dont receive the amount of praise that youtubers get. Sure youtubers put a lot of time into their channel to entertain us, but its not HARD compared to most careers and nobody should really be head over heels overwhelmed at how “nice” they are for making so many videos in said amount of time.

  10. Lydia Krow says:

    The large plastic (that you thought was for a mattress) is actually a cheap drop-cloth. Some use it for painting but usually for covering furniture when you are going to be working in the area doing something like sanding that will kick up dust. Also, I’m surprised more people aren’t talking about how shady Temu is. They are famous for losing packages, so I guess we know where they all went now? Oh well.

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