I Broke My Leg… (not a prank)

I Broke My Leg… (not a prank)

I broke my leg and explained the whole story for you guys…

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INTRO SONG: “Ace Of Spades” By Yugo

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25 Responses

  1. Ben Azelart says:

    Thank you guys for all the love❤️ the videos are still gonna be fire!

  2. Tenzi says:

    Fast recovery Ben, hope everything turns out fine ❤️

  3. Jeremy Hutchins says:

    feel better ben 🥺

  4. Redxdi says:

    Yo Ben take a break and you don’t need to post every week , stay safe and have a good rest of your day

  5. Rashida Hakimuddin Barodawala says:

    Take care Ben ! Thank you so much for entertaining us even with a broken leg❤

  6. Bash Miramontes says:

    Hope everything comes out good, Hope you feel better Ben 😀💪🏼

  7. FreezTae says:

    the most painful injuries come from small things, get well soon my man…ur health is a priority

  8. Bhavana Prabhu says:

    Ben: pranks his friends every week

    Also Ben: Why doesn’t anyone believe me?

    Feel better Ben!!! 😊😊

  9. alohaxizzy says:

    Let’s just appreciate how he’s still making us happy with videos whilst suffering

  10. Jessica says:

    Poor ben. Guys… Let’s give him all the love and support we have! Ben we all love you and don’t care if you have no stunts or stuff like that. We just want to see you smile! Hope you feel better 😘

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