I Built 250 LEGO Sets in 24 Hours – Challenge

I Built 250 LEGO Sets in 24 Hours – Challenge

I Built 250 LEGO Sets in 24 Hours – Challenge
I challenged myself to build LEGO for 24 hours straight, and managed to build all 250 LEGO sets, including LEGO city, Star Wars, Marvel, Disney & Pixar, Harry Potter, 3 in 1, Minecraft, Monkie Kid, Creator, Friends, Technic, Speed Champions, Ninjago, Alien Conquest, Pharaoh’s Quest, LEGO Studios, the LEGO Movie, Legends of Chima, and more!

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35 Responses

  1. Yau Chi Kin says:

    First minifigure blink 0:57
    Second minifigure blink 2:54
    third minifigure blink 4:43
    Fourth minifigure blink 4:51
    Fifth minifigure blink 7:23
    Sixth minifigure blink 8:24

  2. Flavio Paquete says:

    This is very explanatory about how of a real enthusiastic human being Chris really is when it comes with Lego ®

  3. Gabi Baccheilega says:

    Man, I cant imagine the amount of money this cost or space took up. My childhood self would have been so proud

  4. Pennywise Rex says:

    The amount of time it must have taken to get all those shots of building the sets…

    Massive respect

  5. catborgir says:

    Chris has the devotion and the will to do these “impossible” tasks to entertain us, he’s amazing 🤩

  6. Kat Braunschweiler says:

    This is sick 👀; you’re always such a joy to watch Chris! 😊

  7. Cooked Bread says:

    I like how he says marvel then immediately does the Batmobile multiple times.

  8. Schleich Wilds says:

    I didn’t think it was possible, but Chris has actually done something that is more extreme than “Build in a Bag” !?

  9. Razors Itch says:

    I love this channel, – just good, clean, positive energy, uplifting fun. Hope the cats are doing well Chris.

  10. Shannon Smith says:

    Well that was more fun than I have had in a while. Thanks Chris! 🎉

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