I Built a LEGO Train Around My CEILING!

I Built a LEGO Train Around My CEILING!

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I Built a LEGO Train Around My CEILING, including THROUGH MY WALLS! This LEGO Train track was so much fun to make, I built a crystal cave, a plant tunnel, a treasure corner with a giant lego minifigure, and all at ceiling height!

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33 Responses

  1. ThisUsernameWasn’tTakenSomehow says:

    I guess you could say this train track really *raises the roof* in terms of quality.


    Chris – what a brilliant idea on so many levels ! – a brilliant video with a brilliant track location and a brilliant message ❤

  3. Mr. Sunshine says:

    I feel like no matter what the video is I can just be entertained. It could be 10 minutes of Ralph and Bella just walkin’ around and being cute I could still be entertained!

  4. Argh JayEm says:

    One of the few 1 million + YT channels where I genuinely can believe it’s just you, your partner and a few cameras doing the work- instead of having an entire production team working behind the scenes helping you do everything just kept secret and concealed to maintain the “everyman” persona. But I could be wrong.

  5. TheJumiFilm says:

    That cave ended up really cool, would be awesome to see a longer version of that, like a mountain

  6. Sanjin Altumbabic says:

    The regret he had when putting the train at full speed at the end is just pure comedy

  7. The B3 says:

    I _immediately_ looked up at my own ceiling and started making measurements 😂

    Don’t think something like this would fit at the moment… but that crystal cave is incredibly inspiring!

  8. TheBuzzer63 says:

    This is amazing! I love this railway Chris is just so incredible! And thank you very much for teaming up with Charity: Water I think this is a great idea and that you are an amazing man for doing this. Keep up the content! Love your videos!😊

  9. AL_IRAQI I says:

    Now imagine the walls next to the railway is all painted with houses and buildings
    How cool would that be!!

  10. How to eat grapes says:

    I feel like Chris is that guy that doesn’t upload much but when he does YouTube goes crazy. Fantastic job, the only thing I would add would be some decor on the blank spaces between the areas

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