I Confronted Dr. Phil

I Confronted Dr. Phil

one word… HE’S IN.

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25 Responses

  1. Lights Camera Ants says:

    Dr. Phil definitely was waiting for Ryan to ask him to be his grandfather the whole time.

    If he watched at least 10 of Ryan’s videos then he for sure knew lmao!

  2. Padaw8n says:

    10:28 Ryan this was so amazing that Dr. Phil knew you and said that about you. Great job Ryan, you’re insane! 🎉

  3. Xan Crosby says:

    I am SO happy to be a part of this journey. Whenever my friends came over a forced them to subscribe to you lmao. Ryan is so funny and he’s just everything I can’t wait for more videos…even though it was a funny goal…it was a goal and it was big. And you passed it. Good job Ryan I’m super proud of you and everyone that participated in this beautiful journey

  4. Jane Hallowell says:

    I know this all started as a joke but hearing Dr. Phil say he was proud of you legit made me tear up a little

  5. Julius an 8-bit Guy says:

    This is just sad, well done Ryan on your journey on overpassing Dr. Phil!

  6. Surfer FN says:

    Ryan is the perfect guy to watch while eating your food

  7. l3reezey says:

    Man what a journey. Such a satisfying end to this goal you set for yourself. Glad you were able to accomplish it!

  8. Richard Meyer says:

    Ryan has gone a long way to this moment and he realized that he didn’t need that, it was just motivation to get him to this point, good job my man

  9. GlitchedSymbiote says:

    This is so… amazing. I couldn’t believe it when Ryan first announced he was going to try and pass Dr Phil is subscribers to ask him to be his grandfather. But the fact that he actually achieved it, and then DIDNT ASK HIM? Dr Phil knew exactly why Ryan was there, and would’ve probably said yes (based on how proud of Ryan he seemed), but Ryan never even asked. Great job getting there Ryan, but you shoulda just popped the question in there

  10. Lukas Moreland says:

    Ryan went from making a video about drinking water to interviewing Dr. Phil! That’s incredible.

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