I Crossed The World’s Deadliest Jungle: Darien Gap

I Crossed The World’s Deadliest Jungle: Darien Gap

The Darien Gap known as the world’s most dangerous jungle. I had heard of the Darien many years ago through National Geographic and it had both fascinated and intimidated me. I knew one day I would have to visit…

When the word Darien started appearing in the news in recent years by way of the migrant crises I decided that now was the time to explore it for myself. And so myself and my good friend @TimmyKarter headed north from Medellin in search of a way across the infamous jungle, avoiding cartel and bandits, injury and tropical diseases, on an adventure with migrants from all over the world where national laws don’t apply. Only the laws of the jungle.

Join us as we enter…the Darien.

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31 Responses

  1. Tommy G says:

    I love this guy. Truly pushing the limits of boots on the ground documentaries.

  2. The3rdTruth says:

    I’m an Irish man who met you outside a shopping center in Belen, Medellin a few weeks ago while waiting for an Uber with my wife and child. Your Greek buddy was with you I believe. I shook your hand and spoke briefly to you before wishing you well on your trip after you kindly offered a photo with me. If I would have comprehended the gravity of the trip you two were about to undertake I would have insisted on saying a prayer for you. You are half mad, but I can’t get enough of it.

  3. CptCanada says:

    Ben is an absolute fucking legend. I’ve always been humbled how well he treats everyone he meets, regardless of their situation, but this really took it to a whole new level. Much respect to bald for taking us on this adventure, here’s to many more!

  4. Sebastian says:

    Absolute Legend. I used to laugh to myself thinking “If such-and-such YouTuber think they’re actually cool and exiting why don’t you go cross the Darien Gap?” And you actually did it! This is world class journalism and record level big balls to do this when you didn’t have to. So much respect.

  5. JME says:

    This is probably one of the best videos I’ve ever watched.
    Really good coverage showing the desperation people have for taking this perilous route. No filters, no fluffing it up, just raw footage.
    Amazing Bald, thank you.

  6. Analog Weapon says:

    “You don’t even have time to sit down and watch a documentary.”

    That guy thought of the best possible way to get his point across. That hits home.

  7. supersnailboy says:

    I thought it couldn’t get crazier with videos such as the soviet space shuttle, but here he is- the madlad has once again exceeded our expectations!

  8. Ben Zappala says:

    This video is a new peak for you, Ben! True dedication to documenting the unknown, well done.

  9. M"bzl SoundCloud says:

    Wow this episode takes the cake . It’s rare to watch a YouTube video that will impact you for along time. You essentially put your life on the line to help people you didn’t know survive and make it through the most dangerous harshest terrain on the planet. My hats off to you bald be safe on your journey

  10. Jenkah says:

    As someone from Colombia, and also from Medellin, I am glad that we are getting coverage on this situation that were facing, and I’m very haopy that such a popular youtuber is documenting this. Thank you, bald and bankrupt!

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