I Built A Real Lego Tank!

I Built A Real Lego Tank!

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25 Responses

  1. SteamTrainsBoy says:

    Unspeakable: Just smiling into the camera
    The wall: Tank runs through it

  2. duck says:

    who else thought the top view of the rubik’s cube was really satisfying get destroyed. Keep up the good work Unspeakable ❤

  3. Avian says:

    As soon as Unspeakable got those Lego bricks, he’s been doing WILD stuff with them ever since.

  4. Nejla Caglayan says:

    At this point. This man can create anything and i mean like anything out of lego. Like if something exists on this planet, he will literally make it out of lego.

  5. Moose says:

    Let me ride the Lego tank 😂 I’ll break it

  6. L3mxn$ says:

    They never fail to make me laugh 😂

  7. itsBAIZINIZ says:

    Let’s just take time to support and appreciate him for making all of these amazing videos to make our day, gigantic respect! ❤️👍😊😊😊🤗

  8. ToRung says:

    Nice to meet you 😍💝🌹

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