I Faked a Minecraft Speedrun

I Faked a Minecraft Speedrun

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34 Responses

  1. Ted Nivison says:

    I think you should have just gone into creative mode during the run I don’t think anyone would have noticed you flying around

  2. Fortune Cookie says:

    I like how Kurtis got back at Danny by practicing magic for months, and Danny got back at him by committing fraud

  3. Maria Sharapova says:

    Is anyone else seeing how proud and happy he was when they won against the dragon, and wants to see him do it for real? I think Danny can do it! genuinely! he can be good at video games!

  4. Drew Gooden says:

    excellent video sir great job on the video sir 🙂

  5. Juliabohemian says:

    Someone needs to draw fanart of shirtless-sequin-magician Danny holding a pretend steering wheel and saying I’M THE BABY.

  6. Erezzz says:

    Danny be like: *“people can’t stop suspecting that im tricking them”*
    Danny also be like: *“i FAKED a Minecraft Speedrun”*

  7. Eddy Burback says:

    Danny remember 5 years ago when we made a pact that we would NEVER lie about anything minecraft related and we would NEVER inadvertently trick each other in a plot to get back at Kurtis??? YEAH. Safe to say I am FUMING 🤬

  8. Xx_stayxvillianxmoa_xX says:

    danny worried about the honor and integrity of the minecraft community has me rolling 😭😭

  9. Amanda F says:

    Watching Danny panic about DMing a stranger on Twitter is basically a canon event

  10. Connor Altier says:

    I dont think any influencer could possibly have THIS many videos about mass lying to the internet and be so loved *for* it.

    Just speaks to how great Danny is, tbh

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