I Gave My Goldfish $50,000 to Trade Stocks

I Gave My Goldfish $50,000 to Trade Stocks

Go to http://Public.com/reeves and you’ll receive a free stock worth up to $300 once you open an account.
*This is not investment advice. Offer valid for U.S. residents 18+ and subject to account approval. See Public.com/disclosures/

I am not a qualified licensed investment advisor. Nothing in this video constitutes professional and/or financial advice. This video is for entertainment purposes only. Do not do what I did in this video.

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29 Responses

  1. VEE3RDEYE says:

    The fact you remembered your script when pitching your business idea is actually brilliant

  2. HawksNest says:

    It’s not gonna be long before we’re getting ads on YouTube for the brand the new financial freedom education course from Fredrick the Fish

    • Adam Baqer says:

      “In my fish tank…. With my new Lamborghini”

    • Im the best thing since sliced Rice says:

      Tai Lopez, Dan Lok & the rest of the financial gurus out there.

      Eat your heart out for the next Wolf ehem I mean Fish of Wallstreet featuring Frederick!

      He will grow your portfolio consistently so you can retire in luxury just like he did.

      Sign up for his class limited time only. I mean seriously you never know what happens to Frederick tomorrow so act now!

    • Tyler Molen says:

      *slams down credit card*

    • Chance Figueroa says:


  3. Jagd says:

    “And that’s how you turn a 5 hour task into a 1 and a half month task. Cause I’m a programmer and that’s what we do” This is just a beautiful fact

  4. Dark Slayer says:

    The fact that a professional stock investor sided with a fish just made the point that stock market is a gamble and Michael proved it with creativity.

    • Tom Cat says:

      @zach P don’t argue with room temperature iq’s

    • zach P says:

      @Said Al Capone they’re born into it, and also some people win money when they gamble

    • Will O says:

      To be fair he sided with the fish over WSB specifically, which is a low bar to clear lmao

    • Avana says:

      ​@Said Al Capone It’s a gamble by definition as the stock market is basically putting money into a company and playing on the chance that the value of that company goes up. 1% or not, stocks are a gamble. It’s not gambling because there’s an inherent difference between gambling and investing, but it’s a gamble because there’s nothing to gurantee you’ll get your money back.

  5. Chris J says:

    “because I’m a programmer, and that’s what we do.”

    As a programmer, truer words have never been said.

    • Near Stilo says:


    • Jazzy says:

      It always annoyed me having to write codes that took far longer than personally manipulating data, it only saves time when the data sets get huge and calculations get very complicated, otherwise it can be the equivalent to building a robot in the morning to butter your toast for breakfast.

  6. OmicronGaming says:

    He somehow manages to be hilarious, smart, and scary all at the same time

  7. Dutchy42 says:

    I can’t believe I just watched a guy hook up a fish to buy stocks for him and it made more then a collective of multiple thousands of people.

  8. 鄭揚 says:

    As a full time software engineer, using one month to automate a five hour task is too accurate lol

  9. Dylan Clements says:

    Can we please talk about how surprisingly wholesome the ending was, when Frederick got to retire?

  10. Astralten says:

    The fact that both Michael and Internet Historian had their comeback on the same day and he even references it is weird.

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