I Hired a Professional Singer to fool my chat

I Hired a Professional Singer to fool my chat

FULL MUSIC VIDEO HERE ► https://youtu.be/4N_F_R0ATHI?si=9mo_nj8AJ–yTH_n

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53 Responses

  1. @ludwig says:

    Full music video here!! Hope you like my goofy lil idea ► https://youtu.be/4N_F_R0ATHI

  2. @Bimbussin says:

    He’s gone from cheating to reverse cheating. Is this character development?

  3. @giopix2223 says:

    As an italian I’m very proud of you Ludwig, got most of the pronunciation right.

    • @hopsys says:

      Well he speaks french right? Both romance languages, he’s got a better shot than the average American all things considered

    • @giopix2223 says:

      @@hopsys even tho French is a romance language the pronunciation is very different compared to Spanish or Italian. Speaking French probably helped him a bit, but not even that much.

    • @Accyilne says:

      @@hopsys why did you have to bring americans into this?

    • @rainbowspongebob says:

      @@Accyilneisnt Ludwig a American or smth?

    • @trashtrash2169 says:

      I don’t think it was malicious. Just an honest statement based on logic. He is an American now. The average American doesn’t speak french, or any other language except spanish sometimes. Spanish might help, but if the average American only knows English, they might be more likely to pronounce the words more wrong than someone who is used to speaking a language in a more similar class, like French, possibly. I’m no linguist.

  4. @SnailMan307 says:

    I used to think I could never trust anything Ludwig does, now I know I can’t trust anyone because they might be Ludwig

  5. @Tongys says:

    He seemed very laid back and nice. I think he’s definitely the type of instructor everyone wants to have

  6. @dylan_1313 says:

    For all we know, Ludwig can just be someone the real Ludwig hired

  7. @Anish-256 says:

    It’s funny how Jschlatt and Ludwig came up with the same ideas and executed them with faultless pitch-perfect perfection.

    • @sebc.416 says:

      It’s like when two movie studios drop the exact same time each year

    • @jeremiahandrews4841 says:

      Hate to say it, but at one point, Jschlatt sings the line “I did it my way”, and when he sings the part “my” he’s pretty much a whole semitone off. It’s actually pretty easy to hear the dissonance.

      It was probably intended to be a grace note/ chromatic movement type thing, but it’s just that he lingers on that “incorrect” note for a bit too long that it’s hard to unheard.

    • @Anish-256 says:

      @@jeremiahandrews4841 bro he’s a gaming/reacts streamer…the fact that he sang it well enough not to bleed people’s ears out and MORE is phenominal

    • @peng5997 says:

      now im not sure if that’s just not noticeable to a non-musician like me or im just tone deaf @@jeremiahandrews4841

  8. @loverofbigdookies says:

    this instructor seems so cool lol, hes got such a good attitude and really is enthusiastic about helping lud

  9. @thetizic says:

    So cool that he trained an AI to make it look like he went to take lessons and to a studio to record the song

  10. @garrettswank6030 says:

    I really want a vocal coach that just drinks wine constantly and looks just like Jon Favreau

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