So I Tried Weird Minecraft Mods So That You Don’t Have To…

So I Tried Weird Minecraft Mods So That You Don’t Have To…


So I Tried Weird Minecraft Mods So That You Don’t Have To…
In this video I tried out incredibly game-breaking and weird/cursed mods for minecraft. Some of them have millions of downloads, and some literally had zero. Here’s what happened…

I really hope you enjoyed this one, it was a ton of fun to record 😀

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38 Responses

  1. Hydrochloric Acid says:

    As a Minecraft Story Mode fan (i’m not joking), seeing the Wither Storm in actual Minecraft fills me with so much joy.

  2. Vaporworm says:

    Seeing fundy just have fun with mods is so nice

  3. Jaronamations says:

    Here’s Fundy risking his computer and possibly his location to a virus for content. This is peak Minecraft

  4. MilessoupNEO says:

    I kinda wanna combine folders 1, 2, and 4 into one modpack because they seem actually pretty cool

  5. Adrian Rubin says:

    As a science nerd I can say that an “endergrade” based on the name and how it looks seems to be a end-dimension version of a real life thing called a tardigrade more commonly known as a water bear

  6. JustRick says:

    I can’t believe Fundy doesn’t know about the /tick freeze command, which works exactly like the clock at the end of the video but in vanilla

  7. redspiderlilys says:

    Fundy calling Jotaro the less cool version of himself is hilarious

  8. OwO says:

    Now I understand why mob spawn eggs don’t have an animation when you place them down.

  9. Nunya_BIZ says:

    Please release all the first mods into a mod pack for forge/Java, it would be cool for someone to do a play through with all these mods

  10. FumenuYT says:

    the mod he tried wit the ocean is called Alex’s caves, for anyone interested!

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