Ludwig – Con te partiró (Official)

Ludwig – Con te partiró (Official)

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37 Responses

  1. @flaminghotcheeto3474 says:

    wow. it’s really impressive that ludwig found someone that sound like him AND could sing. props to him

  2. @samquaile8086 says:

    It’s fucked up how

    1. well sang this is
    2. how gorgeous this video is filmed.

  3. @animalmace says:

    I love this AI cover, it feels like he is still with us 🕊🕊🕊

  4. @iamgoo says:

    I really think the animals did a great job capturing the feel of the song. Especially at 1:45, truly inspiring

  5. @PieHardOfficial says:

    This song was played at my grandfathers funeral just over 10 years ago – now one of my favourite content creators doing a cover of it… Currently in tears (very well done ludwig)

  6. @Outrageous_Storm says:

    First the Ai generated song and now the Ai generated video? Scary but impressive. You’d almost believe he sang this himself and filmed an actual music video for it. Bravo 👏

  7. @loganwzorek says:

    A joke or not, this is actually really good and fantastically put together

  8. @borthYT says:

    man, all the singing was beautiful, but his voice at 1:47 really takes the cake, almost had me in tears

  9. @dalayneejo says:

    i know from years of training that classical singing is NOT easy, i’m so genuinely impressed with ludwig for this 😭

  10. @coldspaghetti4732 says:

    Wonderful that there is so much audio of him still out there for ai covers like this still to be made after his tragic accident. Fly high big guy 🕊️🕊️

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