I Invited 100 Billionaires To My Birthday

I Invited 100 Billionaires To My Birthday

i’m an iPad kid

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28 Responses

  1. Madelyn Diamond says:

    Ryan never fails to make watching someone sitting and messaging random people the most entertaining part of my day

  2. Elite Trading Zone™️ says:

    The most fun part of my day is always watching Ryan as he sits and messages strange individuals.

  3. IamMrmaple says:

    Its crazy because ryan can make almost anything seem wholesome 💯

  4. Star Amai says:

    He’s always so happy on his birthday, reminds me that even when you aren’t a kid you can still have fun :>

  5. JFR𝖊𝖉𝖎𝖙𝖘 says:

    Ryan never fails to make us smile

  6. Anzaklaynimation says:

    I’m not a Ryan’s regular viewer, but whenever I watch his video, he really makes me feel different from all other Youtubers.

  7. BM H says:

    I can say without a doubt those billionaires missed out on a good party. I’m glad you had friends to celebrate your special day with. Happy Birthday!!! 😀😁🎉🎂🎁🎈🎊

  8. Liliian Grace says:

    Happy birthday Ryan, it’s nice that he always try’s to entertain us. Even on his own birthday.

  9. 💘TAP BELOW👇 says:

    All Ryan ever wanted was an iPad, and he wish came true. Happy birthday Ryan!

  10. Rion Ethan says:

    Happy Birthday To The Guy Who Always Finds A Way To Make Us Smile

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