Israeli military said its ground troops raided homes in Gaza | ITV News

Israeli military said its ground troops raided homes in Gaza | ITV News

On Friday, the Israeli military said ground troops entered the Gaza Strip and conducted house raids.

In a statement, the army said it entered Gaza to battle Hamas terrorists, destroy weapons and search for evidence about the missing hostages held by Hamas. It said troops completed the raid then left Gaza.

Israel has been massing troops along the Gaza border since last Saturday’s brutal attack staged by Hamas almost one week ago.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to destroy Hamas as the army prepares for an expected ground invasion of the Gaza Strip.

“This is just the beginning,” Mr Netanyahu said. “We will end this war stronger than ever.”

“We will destroy Hamas,” he added, saying Israel has widespread international support for the operation.

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41 Responses

  1. TheRange says:

    Those tanks are bloody MASSIVE! My thoughts are with everyone in Israel and Palestine, apart from the Hamas.

  2. Beej Price says:

    Rage is a part of it, but that this keeps happening, over and over, like insanity, there comes a time when restraint is no longer an option. The rational response is to end it once and for all.

  3. Brian Shell says:

    Sometimes you have to roll the dice and deal with what happens afterwards. This is so bad for all civilians on both sides

    • Sandra Soto Rivera says:

      We live in Costa Rica and can not accept the suffering of the civilians of both countries. How can human beings cause so much pain? It is so much for me to watch the news. We want Peace. 🙏

    • Christopher Myers says:

      @Sandra Soto Riveraunfortunately your want for peace is not the Palestinian way

    • Pedro c says:

      @Sandra Soto Rivera There will not be peace as long as Hamas and Hezbollah exists.

  4. Tanya Mushaney says:

    WTF did they think Israel would do after that attack ?

  5. Tim Hernandez says:

    Sending my support and respect from Mexico!

  6. D B says:

    When you are attacked first, the option to go to war was made for you. Which side even tries to limit civilian casualties?

  7. W Rice says:

    Unfortunately hamas cannot be removed with precision air strikes alone, so Israel has to go in on the ground. If they really wanted to carry out their rage on the civilian population then there would be no warnings and they’ve been warning about this extreme operation from the beginning not just 24 hrs.

    • Gary Gray says:

      There is a particular type of precision air strike that’s called a “bunker buster” to get to Hamas’ tunnels underground. Personally I believe that’s why they’re clearing the area of civilians. Just the shock wave from a bunker buster would make you look like something that’s been run over by a semi truck. 😆

    • Molon Labe says:

      @Gary Gray I doubt they’ll use them due to the hostages.

    • Gary Gray says:

      @Molon Labe I can’t see any other reason why they’d evacuate that area. And Hamas surely must be familiar with bunker busters so are most likely evacuating those tunnels.

  8. NavyVet says:

    As an IDF spokesperson has stated, they didn’t start this war, they didn’t want this war, but they are going to finish this war.

    • Kenny Ken says:

      Americans said the same 💩 and spent 20 year’s and Trillions of dollars replacing Taliban with Taliban!😂😂😂 🇵🇰 🇵🇰 🇵🇰 ❤❤❤

    • David A says:

      @Kenny Ken Difference is Gaza is inside of Israel. They have the ability to flatten and rebuild it to their liking.

    • SteadyUK says:

      they did start this war a long time ago

    • Jeanette Ambrose says:

      they are fighting colonisation, please please please read the history!! the IDF are ALL europeans!! they are not from this land!

  9. David Tyra says:

    You know I would have been for both sides at most but when you see how they cut heads off of people that’s already dead and attacking people in there sleep and attacking kids at a rave and shooting them with there flying bikes is absolutely disgusting and evil if they wanted to fight then fight someone in the armed forces not anyone that can’t defend themselves can’t beat a man with a rock and the other has machine gun it’s common sense who wins the man with the rock or the man with a weapon that throws rocks 1800 miles + per hour or 2700 feet per second at you.

  10. Keri S says:

    They need to get in there and try and get the hostages back. I am just so hopeful that they do. I keep seeing that mother holding her two children under a blanket and the fear in her eyes. I couldnt sleep last night. I couldn’t be more removed from this war. A South African. But I am a mother and my heart is broken.

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