I Let Robots Give Me A Makeover

I Let Robots Give Me A Makeover

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HELLO FRIENDS!! As you guys may know, I’m always down to try some new beauty tech – so when I stumbled upon two robot beauty treatments in San Francisco (and Oakland) – LUUM robot lash extensions & Clockwork robot manicures – I knew we had to go and try them out!!

So we decided to take a trip to Silicon Valley a few months ago to try these two machines!! And though they were kind of scary-looking… I quickly warmed up to them and ended up getting some pretty good results, if I do say so myself 💅 What do you guys think of my eyelash extensions & nails? Would you try a robot beauty treatment??

If you want to learn more about LUUM Precision Lash & Clockwork, you can find them here!!

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Executive Producers: Safiya Nygaard & Tyler Williams
Head of Production: Carey Fiock
Production Manager / Producer: Melissa Douglas
Junior Associate Producer: Ishara Mathews
Production Assistant: Aayanah McCreary
Content Promotions & Video Packaging Manager: Alaina Simmons
Short Form Producer: Myia Lambe
Short Form Editor: Hailey Cox
Editor: Andrew Lainhart
Editor: Mandy Padgett
Graphic Designer: Dayana Espinoza

0:00 Intro
3:38 The LUUM Eyelash Robot
5:21 Eyelash Prep
6:31 Robotic Lash Treatment Starts
8:36 Why Does This Robot Exist?
11:22 Touch-Ups & Lash Extension Results!
13:48 The Clockwork Nail Polish Robot
15:43 Nail Prep
17:03 Nail Polish Treatment Begins
19:25 Is This Thing Gonna Work?
21:22 Secret Holo Taco Robot
23:22 How Long Do The Treatments Last?

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52 Responses

  1. Safiya Nygaard says:

    HELLO FRIENDS!! here are some crazy beauty robots!! i still can’t believe i put my eyes at risk for content 🤖and i still firmly believe they need to add some googly eyes to these bad boys… 👀 anyway – what did you think of the results? and what crazy beauty treatment should we try next?? xoxo, saf

  2. Tyler Williams says:

    still trying to get a clockwork robot onto our nail polish truck 🤖🚚

    • Susan Heffley says:

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    • Mushi Gang says:


    • Ivy gasc #roadTo150Subs says:

      Hi tyler

    • Corn bread says:


    • Lǎoshǔ~! @-@ says:


  3. Meribel Nova says:

    The fact that GOOGLE MAPS is sponsoring this woman is proof of how much the world loves her

  4. Mandy Morrow says:

    Do not get me wrong, I’m thrilled Safiya has sponsors! I’m just saying! Since when does Google Maps even need to pay for advertising!?

    • Fukai Kokoro says:

      Since they need good PR. There’s the recent lawsuit of the family suing Google maps for the death of their loved one. Who drove off a bridge that google had been warned about for years to stop recommending that route and they did not take it off the maps route.

      Also this one ” Google settles “Location History” lawsuit with 40 states, will pay $392 million”

      Theyve been having a lot of bad things come out and they want to advertise themselves positivly.

    • Fukai Kokoro says:

      Let me add I do not hate saf or anything. Just providing the most likely scenario on why they are doing sponsorships

    • J.D. H says:

      Google often does sponsorships for their different products. They have been long before this lawsuit. Also, branded videos are in the works for months. I doubt they just got this deal in the last week that the lawsuit happened

    • Linsey says:

      You’ve probably seen many, many Google maps and other Google ads before, maybe just not spon con. I see them all the time.

    • Relevart says:

      ​​@Fukai Kokorohow do u accidentally drive off of a bridge, genuinely

  5. Blair Solis says:

    Saf: “I’m gonna shut up now.
    Lash tech: “okay great!”

    • ImJimin2Day says:

      Yeah, maybe just me but I understand maybe she was just nervous or whatnot, but i kinda got the vibe that Rachel was uncomfortable/annoyed with Saf (again, im likely overanalyzing her responses but still)

    • Vloggingly, Khloé says:

      😂😂😂 I laughed so hard at that. Like “zip it, Saf!”

    • Quokka says:

      She seemed great to me 🤷‍♀️


      Well I guess the lady was nervous if something went wrong with the machine and causing damage to Saf’s eyes. I don’t think it was meant to be rude, just cautious.

    • Jadzia says:

      ​​@ImJimin2DayIt seemed that they had agreed that Safiya would stop talking after a certain point, so this meant something closer to “great, the timing for what we’d planned is close to what I was expecting!” Though this seemed to imply that on top of the agreement, she was in a rush to do other parts of her job.

  6. Dana says:

    I like the emphasis on being a tool for beauty technicians to use rather than as a replacement for humans.

    • Irina S. says:

      Im kinda confused on how humans are still involved. I feel like they barely are

    • Dana says:

      @Irina S. the nail machine doesn’t replace a manicure artist at all. It can’t file or shape a nail. It can’t apply acrylic or gel. It’s just a one stop shop for someone who needs a quick, temporary coat of paint. The eyelash extender is really a tool foe the technician. The technicians are still required to operate and maintain the machine as well as oversee the process and help out where the machine misses out. The technician was the one to choose the lash style that would work best for Safina. Maybe someday we will have technician that can do all of this but it’s heartening to see that the developers aren’t banking on that and are instead leaning on humans to operate and maintain.

    • Ghostteeth says:

      For the eyelash one, it really doesn’t seem like they are and that they’re just saying that they’re a tool for beauty technicians so they don’t get a lot of backlash from the community. But for the nail one while it needs some help from human’s right now, that doesn’t seem like their end goal which I think is ok. With what it seems like they’re going for now, it won’t replace nail techs or really be a tool for them and will more so just be a tool to make doing basic nail polish on natural nails more acceptable. What the machine does now and what they’re trying to make it do in the future currently are all things that most people can already do at home without a nail tech anyway.

    • Irina S. says:

      The nail one I get. A nail artist can do so much more. But the eyelash one the human looks on a screen… I feel just like wirh pilots humans will stop knowing how to do technical stuff if they keep getting the help of machines, maybe a bit too much

  7. Simply Not Logical says:

    But does the robot do nAiL ArT??  

    (neither do i)

  8. Mary Ferree says:

    Okay this is cool if not a little terrifying. But a clothes folding robot??? That would be amazing.

  9. Kjay9558 says:

    Love how Tyler gets holo taco and asks “What do you think?”, you both are true friends to Cristine 😊

  10. Mary Sonja Tudor says:

    Make-up less Safiya is just as stunning as full face of make-up Safiya and somehow I wasn’t prepared for it 😂

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