“I miss the old idubbbz”

“I miss the old idubbbz”

I haven’t spoken candidly about my feelings on this channel. It’s always been obscured by a video criticizing someone else or some kind of skit. I’ve changed and matured during my time here on youtube and I am glad that I have.

Here are some charities that I am supporting.

If you want to access content cop videos (for video essays, content cops, reference), im going to make them accessible via unlisted links on this google doc.(https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KSl9EGIPHhCNxlkMo7nlP5V-TaWH3SgCVGxb_dEfSmw/edit?usp=sharing)


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27 Responses

  1. harterism says:

    I never would have guessed that his final Content Cop would be on himself.

  2. Ryno Caliendo says:

    I just want more mentally unhinged save the squirrels initiative.

  3. Jack Ashmore says:

    It’s not the bullying we loved it’s the creative mind spoke showed how batshit insane some people are in the most creative way

    • Shinkajo says:

      His knife sharp logic and the ability to cut through the bullshit was what resonated with me. Now he’s just one person in the mass of mediocrity. Edgyness has nothing to do with it. I’m in my 30s, not some basement dwelling incel.

    • ClearlyHunter says:

      @Shinkajo imagine thinking being 30 automatically removes any possibility of being a basement dwelling incel 😂

    • Royalty1702 says:

      That’s not true and you know it

    • xGregglesx says:

      Yeah there’s infinite amounts of content he could work on that don’t involve a few slurs. I don’t get the overt emphasis on shit he’s clearly grown from.

  4. Jordan Griffanti says:

    The unboxing videos used to be some of my favorite content ever at the time honestly. I appreciate your years of entertainment

  5. NikoDraws says:

    I’ve been a fan of your content both old and new. You deserve to grow and change as a person, their is no question that you are a great entertainer, you deserve to be able to show the sincerity that you are showing in this video and I’m interested to see what you do next.

  6. Aruka Lowell says:

    I understand where you are coming from, and i get your personal journey and how you changed as a person. What i miss is content in general. I disagree with you that you could not entertain people by just being yourself. The videos with Ethan for example are still great to watch, and there is nothing cruel to it.

  7. mike petterson says:

    Honestly man, I just want you to run around and eat pickles in storm drains again.

  8. Rodney Jenkins says:

    squirrels initiative was always my favorite.

    on a serious note though I feel like I’ve grown up and matured alongside you. I feel like everyone has that phase in their life when they’re needlessly aggressive and pessimistic and has a sarcastic outlook on a lot of stuff. But as you grow older you sorta mellow out and realize that being considerate and compassionate is worth it and that being empathetic is a superpower. Holding back your ability to cause pain just through words is not about benevolence but more about ignorance. I was ignorant of the pain I was causing through my words (my sphere of influence is incredibly small but the argument still stands) and as I’m older I’ve learned that.

    I wholeheartedly support your current changes and show more squirrels.

  9. K A says:

    To this day I regularly binge “kickstarter crap”, these are legendary

  10. RPTVRR says:

    Ian as an 80’s metal frontman is wild 😂

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