How super heroes “keep their secret safe”

How super heroes “keep their secret safe”

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  1. NMRIH is a great Source mod - blessed by Cory's lip says:

    Caleb is so dedicated he spent decades training to become a superhero just for the skit, mad respect

  2. Peters says:

    Now it all makes sense how Caleb can play so many characters, man has had super speed the whole time!

  3. SkyPeludo says:

    I like how Caleb puts on a fake mustache even though he already has one

  4. Durk says:

    “I gave you enough time to think about it”

    Can we talk about how considerate the criminal was

  5. RKC says:

    The best secret identity is just showing yourself in plain sight

    • Onthaticeburgess says:

      @The Radionic Revival ok

    • Randy Random says:

      @Currently Alive and Dead I guess it’ll makes rather sense for a teacher to spend 3+ hours teaching 3+ classroom and still have some leftover time.
      Teachers do have it hard for themselves

    • Currently Alive and Dead says:

      @Randy Random Reviewing the teaching materials, talking with others, correcting tests/assignments/homework etc.(Some examples I saw them doing everyday)

    • Randy Random says:

      @Currently Alive and Dead How do you suppose teachers spend the rest of their day?

    • Randy Random says:

      @The Radionic Revival Good point, but still leaves him vulnerable to villains who want to know, and got the assets to know.
      I mean, it probably only takes a night for Bruce to get Clark’s identity

  6. Cameron Brown says:

    Every time you think you’ve seen the twist, there’s always that one extra bit at the end that you just don’t see coming 😂

  7. Cody pritchett says:

    Caleb is so dedicated he spent years to become a father just for the skit, very impressive.

  8. Linkydink says:

    As a secret, I can confirm This is how superhero’s keep us safe.

  9. Joker Kirby says:

    “Did you just fly away and shoot lasers”
    “Yeah, it’s part of my cosplay”

  10. Yoinks says:

    As a Dad, i can surely confirm my son has indeed did this multiple times.

    • Julian Taylor says:

      That’s your mistake see when you get confronted by your dad you have to fake a fight to storm to your room that way you can leave out your room to save the citizen. Took me awhile to figure it out

    • Morə says:

      @here is the full clip stopppppp with the trolling, you don’t even do it right🤦‍♀️

    • Coolmar says:

      So should I be concern by the fact that your son is that bad at concealing his identity or by the fact that he let multiple people die by trying do hide it ?

    • Carlos Taylor says:


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