I played 9 Souls-Like games you’ve never heard of (AGAIN)

I played 9 Souls-Like games you’ve never heard of (AGAIN)

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episode 17 of Steam Dumpster Diving with somehow, once again, even more “souls-likes” you (probably) haven’t heard of
twitter: https://twitter.com/IronPineapple_
twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/iron_pineapple

0:00 Intro
0:25 New Eden
5:06 Steampunk Lincoln
15:47 Void Sols
19:19 God Souls
24:50 Estencel
30:40 Dark Light
33:28 Skydom
36:59 Corpse Keeper
40:13 outro/sponsor

also big thanks for help from:
GoogleyGareth for animating the intro sequence: https://www.youtube.com/@googleygareth
Onua for creating the SFM pose of the knight in the thumbnail: https://twitter.com/Odynom

games played (in order of appearance)

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33 Responses

  1. Nhamyr says:

    The idea of the female Puppet interacting with the player is such a dope idea and looks super cool. Really like that about Estencel.

  2. Peribang Records says:

    Thanks for the complements on the music for New Eden. We worked really hard on it. The full OST will be available to stream everywhere on January 1st if you wanna hear more.

  3. SoullessCake says:

    Hey, QA helping development for New Eden here.

    This video is incredibly appreciated and is very well made to show New Eden in a favorable light. I hope you had fun playing and hope you take a look later in the game’s life span to see the impact you have made on this game’s player base.

    Another reason to take another look is the fact that you missed the most important boss that takes slight inspiration from Elden Ring 👀

    Btw sorry you had to run into the resident PvP god Rustery, but if anyone gets on at a moments notice during the game’s downtime, it’s him 🙂

    Hope you had as much fun as I do while playing NE and I highly recommend playing again when there is more than 2 people online.

    Thanks again❤

  4. Logan says:

    Honestly obsessed with the yellow scarf lady who comes out of nowhere all the time in Estencel. She’s such a fun and stylish way to respawn and upgrade stuff.

  5. Constipation says:

    The series started out as a meme review of out of budget Darksouls games, but slowly turned into a recognition center of potentially gifted, talented and unique devs who created great games and we watch to appreciate such work.

  6. Dawson Petersen says:

    Since you’ve played so many demos and early access games over the years, I would love to see an episode where you go back to some of those games and see whether they met your expectations, improved on issues, or generally lived up to their potential. This is one of my favorite YouTube shows! keep up the good work

  7. Matt D says:

    Estencel looks more art than game, but it’s some good art. The care put into the animations for the maiden that revives and teleports you is such a cool touch.

    • Owen Langfield says:

      @Sun rise its a genre mate, why are you mad? Theres literally countless games that copy others mechanics and rules. Your arguement is like saying all rogue likes are shit because they arent like the original rogue. Honestly i’d like to see you try and make an extremely unique game with a small team or even by yourself, bet you dont even know how to code and your shitting on these INDIE devs for having fun.

    • ً says:

      @Sun rise Nope, it’s not laughable. It’s a really good souls-like game. They do things different enough that it’s fresh but close enough that it feels like a proper souls-like.

    • Sun rise says:

      @Red_Tower Dark Souls and the other souls games from From Software have created their own genre. It’s different enough from whatever they may have been inspired by. These shitty souls-like clones scream Dark Souls. It’s a very unique genre and not as broad as other genres like ”action”. These shitty devs copy too many elements from Dark Souls like the UI, the font, the quickslots, combat to the point of it being simply theft.

    • Sun rise says:

      @ً Saying The Surge 2 being a close competitor to the souls games from the company that created the genre in the first place is laughable. Like really.

  8. Van Goghs Severed Ear says:

    “The gun seems a lot better than the sword”
    -People in the medieval ages discovering gunpowder

    • Leonhart says:

      @SoullessCake No, it will be even more broken, it’s inevitable. All they can hope to limit is the drop rate, and they need to do so by a LOT.

    • SoullessCake says:

      The gun was buffed a ton last patch and it’s in the middle of balancing so it’s op rn but it will be more balanced in a few patches

  9. duffeknol says:

    This may have already been said, but Deathverse is almost literally Professor Genki’s Super Ethical Reality Climax

  10. evilhealer7 says:

    The best part of this series is now scrolling down to the comments and seeing various devs thanking you

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