I played Armored Core 6. It’s incredible.

I played Armored Core 6. It’s incredible.

►My 20 minutes of raw gameplay can be viewed here https://youtu.be/J64zQ3aD2EM
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00:00 This is Armored Core VI
01:26 Mission 1 – Illegal Entry
08:06 The Garage
10:03 My First Playthrough
11:24 Mission 6 – Attack the Dam Complex
14:50 Mission 7 – Mining Ship Takedown
17:23 Mission 8 – Operation Wallclimber
21:19 Mission 11 – Attack the Watchpoint
24:57 Outro
25:56 New Mechanics: Loghunt
26:35 New Mechanics: Arena & OST Upgrades
29:01 New Mechanics: Energy Weapons
29:46 New Mechanics: Lock-on
32:27 New Mechanics: FCS
33:37 My Thoughts: Story, Endings and NG+
35:09 My Thoughts: Gameplay
36:28 My Thoughts: “Souls” Elements
38:19 Concerns: PvP
40:57 Concerns: Balancing
42:14 Concerns: Checkpoints
43:23 Concerns: Debt
45:02 Armored Core VI sequel…confirmed?

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38 Responses

  1. VaatiVidya says:

    In case I wasn’t clear on this point – we were only allowed to play up to Mission 11, but that was just Chapter 1. There will apparently be 5 chapters overall. Not to mention NG+ missions, and the arena.

  2. VaatiVidya says:

    IT’S A SAMUS BUILD NOT A MCDONALDS BUILD stop calling it that

  3. slay3r says:

    I can already tell the level design in this game is gonna be peak, I mean look at those environments

  4. ワグナスひろし says:

    I’m Japanese, but I found it easier to understand and more interesting than any Japanese media commentary. Thank you for loving Armored Core.
    Sorry for Google Translate.

  5. Did_ Nothing_wrong says:

    They weren’t kidding when they said your hound was flying on borrowed wings if the 1st mission is you literally taking another Ravens rank and identity for your own. Loving the story premise so far.

  6. Danigon876 says:

    i have to give FROM the credit they deserve, they have quickly risen to being my favourite studio, no bullshit just amazing games.

    • Icarus Reaver says:

      The only studio I’m comfortable preordering from. Worst case the game will be good enough on launch and will be improved with time(albeit slowly as elden ring is showing, most rushed release of theirs imo).

    • The GoonBats says:

      100%. Bloodborne was my first of their titles and they won my heart right away. Best developer around.

  7. junfaa says:

    Having a level based game where you can replay old levels is such an underrated feature in games and its something I miss from older games.

    • Sawdust says:

      I definitely appreciate that feature when a game has it.
      Sometimes, I want to replay part of a game, but I am unable to without replaying the whole game. Which means I just don’t replay it. At least not often at all.

      But mission or chapter select? Awesome. Thankfully a lot of games still have the feature.

    • Cybersteel says:

      it was a bit of a pain being unable to do that immediately in the old one.

    • NorthWestClass PNW says:

      I didn’t realize how much I wanted it until I was playing FF16 and wanted to flawless untouched finish a boss fight; they put the arcade mode neatly in your home base. Love it

    • saxdude01 says:

      ikr. I love being able to go back to (most) dmc games and being able to just play a random mission without having to do a whole playthrough

    • Try This says:

      its also sad from a developer perspective, you create all those awesome maps, worlds and can just play them once, such a waste

  8. Umay Doruk says:

    The target assist modes are a part of the game, and i believe i will be changing between them a lot. The footage simply tells me that there are real +/- to locking on or not, which implies both are required at certain points. I think that’s awesome.

  9. Weapon - says:

    I’ve never played an armoured core game, and I don’t know why, but this has only cemented my want to get into the games. This looks phenomenal, I’m such a sucker for customisations but the game itself looks fantastic

  10. Lamp_God 97 says:

    Visually this game is incredible even to just watch. I personally have never heard of armored core before but it looks like a game in a class of it’s own

    • Cole Jordan says:

      Armored Core is FromSoft’s longest running series, launched in 1997 and this game is the 16th entry in it. I’ve played a couple of them, and yeah, the Mech building off the charts!

    • Pdid says:

      25:48 yeah right lol. The textures and graphics here are straight out of the PS3 era.

    • ajanim says:

      @Pdidthey… literally are not lol. plus i doubt this person is even talking about graphical fidelity cause who gives a shit about that. the art direction and visual spectacle just looks good

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